Morgan Griffith Tries to Cover Up “Chains” Rhetoric Against Obama


    So, I saw this video posted on NLS, and as I watched it I clearly heard Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9) refer to the “chains of Obamacare,” comparing them to the “chains of George III.” Yet on Griffith’s Twitter feed and also in the caption to his YouTube video, he tries to cover it up the word “chains” with “change.” This is utterly laughable and pathetic.

    First of all, it’s clear Morgan Griffith said “chains” not change; just listen to the video, there’s no question. Second, if you’re still holding out for “change” over “chains,” then please explain: what on earth does it mean to say the “change” of George III? Given that George III was all about the status quo, and the colonists were fighting for CHANGE, that’s utterly nonsensical. Does Morgan Griffith think we’re all idiots? I mean, this is like George Allen trying to claim he said “mohawk” or “caca” or a meaningless nonsense word, not the ethnic/racial slur “macaca” widely used in his mother’s family’s French North Africa. Do these people ever accept responsibility for anything they do?!?

    • And please send this to all the local news agencies.  Virginia’s need to know this.

      “McDonnell quietly issues directive allowing open carry of firearms in state parks”


    • aznew

      that the crosshairs were really surveyor’s symbols, now this.

      Maybe they have a Dept. of Idiotic Excuses and Explanations over at the Republican Party that any of their people can access when the need arises?

      Not only is this unfortunate rhetoric for the reasons NLS mentioned (not inherently racist, mind you, merely thoughtless and insensitive – hey, perhaps we can all chip in and buy the RNC a Thesaurus), it is the wrong basis on which to discuss health care reform.

      The issue is not some 18th century interpretation of individual liberty and freedom from government control, no matter how much the Tea Party types want to make it about that. The issue is about providing affordable and decent healthcare to Americans in the 21st century, IMHO.

    • Dan Sullivan

      in any way, fact, or fantasy.

    • pontoon

      when she invoked blood libel….could Mr. Griffith possibly not have known what he was saying?  Can’t walk it back, however.  It’s quite obvious what the words were when he spoke on the video clip.

    • libra

      Griffith needs some elocution classes?

    • ValerieInRke

      Here is the Press Release:

      “I believe the minimum essential coverage provision penalty is unconstitutional. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. This time last year as a Member of Virginia House of Delegates, defending that Constitution, I was proud to cast my vote for House Bill 10, which mandated no Virginian shall be required to buy health insurance. Our Attorney General has joined the fray and filed suit in court and is winning. As Virginians, we did not accept the chains of George III, nor will we accept the chains of ObamaCare.”