Morgan Griffith Tries to Cover Up “Chains” Rhetoric Against Obama


    So, I saw this video posted on NLS, and as I watched it I clearly heard Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9) refer to the “chains of Obamacare,” comparing them to the “chains of George III.” Yet on Griffith’s Twitter feed and also in the caption to his YouTube video, he tries to cover it up the word “chains” with “change.” This is utterly laughable and pathetic.

    First of all, it’s clear Morgan Griffith said “chains” not change; just listen to the video, there’s no question. Second, if you’re still holding out for “change” over “chains,” then please explain: what on earth does it mean to say the “change” of George III? Given that George III was all about the status quo, and the colonists were fighting for CHANGE, that’s utterly nonsensical. Does Morgan Griffith think we’re all idiots? I mean, this is like George Allen trying to claim he said “mohawk” or “caca” or a meaningless nonsense word, not the ethnic/racial slur “macaca” widely used in his mother’s family’s French North Africa. Do these people ever accept responsibility for anything they do?!?


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