President Obama: “We Can Out-Compete Any Other Nation”


    “President Obama discusses the steps he is taking to make America competitive in the short and long terms, and why he chose GE CEO Jeff Immelt to head up the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.” The full transcript is here.

    • commentator1

      Only if we stop bringing people here to take jobs of those who are unfortunate enough to be born in America. For years women and African Americans took the low paying jobs. Now that they have won their rights and refuse to be discriminated against, companies are bringing in moderately to poorly qualified foreigners who will work for much less than well qualified Americans. Once these workers become citizens they are in the same boat as American workers and are competing against H1-Bs. This will not help us develop our economy. Yes, the American workers can out compete anyone, but they want to be paid a fair wage, not put out of work by less qualified non-citizens.