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Rep. Jim Moran Proposes Banning High-Capacity Gun Magazines


I’d say the chances of this passing through Congress are about 0.00000000000000000000001%, but kudos to Jim Moran for trying, anyway. Here’s what he had to say earlier today:

Since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 53 years ago, more than 1,000,000 Americans were killed in this country by guns. It is time for Congress to take steps to help better protect the public from the next madman or psychopath bent on mayhem.

Next week, I will cosponsor legislation aimed at banning high-capacity magazines like that used in the Arizona shooting. I look forward to working with my colleagues to see this sensible legislation pushed through the Congress.

By the way, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans favor banning high-capacity ammunition clips by a 57%-39% margin. Despite that sizable majority, I’d still estimate the chances of passing any major gun legislation through Congress at 0.00000000000000000000001%. The NRA’s just too strong, and Democrats long ago threw in the towel on this issue. Unfortunately.

P.S. While we’re on the subject of guns, click here for The Richmonder’s report on this year’s gun lobby rally in Richmond vs. last year’s.

  • Quizzical

    During the last election season, I was watching TV one weekend morning and saw a lengthy political ad by some lady running for something in Virginia, and the ad featured extremely graphic photos of aborted fetuses to make its anti-abortion point.

    I found it off-putting, to say the least.  However, lately I have been thinking about that ad in the context of gun safety laws.  For instance, today I saw in the news that a group of people assembled in Richmond at the state capitol building wearing holstered pistols to assert their second amendment rights. I’m wondering, how many of those folks, and the people who are inclined to support them, really would have the stomach to do so if confronted with the worst results of the positions they advocate.

    I’ve seen aborted fetuses on television in political campaigns. I’ve seen safe driving advocates use graphic footage of car accidents.  But I’ve never seen photos of the dead from the many spree killings we’ve had in the United States, one of the worse ever being Virginia Tech. Have I just missed it? Maybe it’s time for people to see the carnage that a glock with an extended magazine can create.


  • totallynext

    Assault rifles only made for killing of humans – end of story.

    Not just clips but the whole dam gun.

  • pvogel

    I would like to call it “The make em reload sooner” bill

  • Quizzical

    Here’s the opinion:


    It goes to show what a strong gun culture we have in this state, when a guy sues to vindicate his right to carry his sidearm onto George Mason University’s campus and into all the buildings, so soon after the Va. Tech mass murder, without any public outcry.