Blue Virginia Senate Poll: Tom Perriello Wins Easily


    This one wasn’t even close; Tom Perriello has won the Blue Virginia U.S. Senate poll by a more than 2:1 margin (91-39 votes) over Tim Kaine, with everyone else far behind. Meanwhile, on Facebook, we see a similar pattern: Draft Tom Perriello for US Senate has 789 members; Draft Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate has 378 members; Draft Rick Boucher for U.S. Senate has 122 members; and Draft Gerry Connolly for Senate has 14 members. Just for comparison purposes, Jamie Radtke for Senate has 732 members, which is 57 fewer than what Tom Perriello’s got (and Radtke’s page was founded in late December 2010, while Tom’s got going very recently, on February 9, 2011).

    Now, standard disclaimers: 1) I strongly believe this is overwhelmingly pro-Tom rather than anti-Tim; and 2) if Tim Kaine decides to run, I presume that every sentient human being who follows Virginia politics and has an IQ over about 50 knows that, realistically speaking, it will “clear the field.” However, if Kaine decides NOT to run, it most certainly would not be the end of the world, as Mo Elleithee explains very well. Personally, I believe that Tom Perriello would be an energetic, well-funded, skillful, articulate candidate who would bring people to the polls and help Barack Obama carry Virginia in 2012. I also think that Tom would make a superb U.S. Senator for all Virginians. What more could you ask for?

    • notlarrysabato

      If Tim runs it will clear the field for right now.  But we still have almost a year for a challenger to emerge if Kaine’s candidacy becomes the dud it probably will.

    • cvllelaw

      I was thinking about this as I was down in Richmond on Saturday…  and thinking about a car commercial I saw probably 15 years ago.  I think it was a VW ad.  It involved a grunge guy talking about the car in question, and how cool it was — “Kind of like punk, before it went corporate.”

      Tom’s campaign in 2008 was positive against an incumbent; in 2010 it was negative against a challenger.  In 2008 it was about service; in 2010 it was about, well, I’m not quite sure.  The 2008 campaign was different; the campaign in 2010 was corporate.

      As I watched TV in Charlottesville in the last few weeks before the 2010 election, I was bummed to see 4 ads an hour for Tom — almost all of them negative.  Some were run by the SEIU, but some were run by Tom’s campaign.  And then there were 4 ads an hour for Hurt.  And all of them were stupid, and assumed that we were stupid.

      I had a desire then for an ad, or a series of ads, that would actually talk substance for a few seconds, and then end with a tag line — “I’m Tom Perriello, and I approved this message, because it is time that politicians talk to the voters of Virginia like we’re adults.”  

      In the present political climate, where even the Democrats are accepting the Republican framing of issues, it is almost inconceivable that a Democrat would frame the issues with a Democratic perspective — that sometimes debt is necessary, that deficit spending is stimulative in the short run, that we know we have to get long-run deficits under control, etc.  

      Will someone talk substance in 2012?

    • ksu499

      It matters little who the activists like for Senator; you have to look at which candidate can win the independents and the left-of-right Republicans. Who is going to run better statewide across all demographics?  I think it’s Kaine.  Perriello has his constituency, but I don’t think it’s big enough to carry the state.