Krystal Ball on U.S. Senate: “I have no current plan to run for this office.”


    Yesterday, after seeing Krystal Ball’s former campaign manager tweet that “chances are at least 50/50” of her running for Jim Webb’s U.S. Senate seat, I emailed her to ask if that was correct. Here’s Krystal Ball’s response:

    I’m flattered to even be mentioned in such an accomplished group. Right now I’m working on increasing the number of young women in politics and improving the discourse between right and left. You can follow my work in this area at I have no current plan to run for this office. Congratulations to Senator Webb on his incredible service in the US Senate.  His integrity and advocacy for veterans and criminal justice reform is truly remarkable. The Commonwealth and the country are better for his service.

    So, has anyone else heard of any other possible Democratic women candidates for Jim Webb’s Senate seat in 2012?

    • NotJohnSMosby

      A completely inexperienced candidate who got crushed in her first general election even be considered as a candidate for statewide office?  

    • Tom

      Has anyone considered Leslie Byrne ? I don’t know that she is even interested, but it might be worth asking her if Kaine doesn’t want to run.  

    • aznew

      the prospect of a Miles Grant candidacy scared her out.

      Memo to Tony Kornheiser: Tune up the Bandwagon. There is a certain environmentalist in Northern Virginia who might need it.

    • Jim Webb Dem

      Krystal’s response was polite and spot on. It is nice to mentioned but like most people “mentioned” there’s this big scary concern we don’t have a winner.

      EJ Dionne … likes Tim Kaine or Tom Perriello (for Jacksonian Democracy reasons). I think everyone connected with Virginia Democratic Party politics likes those men …. but I wonder about the Independents.

      So from a marketing perspective I wonder if author John Grisham wouldn’t make for an attractive Senatorial Candidate with a “base” that transcends party.

      How does one find out if a Grisham candidacy would be viable?