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Rep. Connolly: Republicans Have Yet to Bring Single Jobs Bill to House Floor


Well said by Rep. Connolly!

…Today we debate the rule on whether or not to fund National Public Radio. This is an ideologically-driven attempt at defunding a revered American institution, and the reason is, because you don’t like its content. You can’t stand balanced, objective news, so let’s defund it. Regardless of whether one supports NPR or not, and I do, we can all be clear that this bill does not do one thing — it does NOT create jobs.  We’ve been here for 11 weeks, Mr. Speaker, and the Republican majority has yet to bring a single jobs bill to the floor of the House…I ask my colleagues, turn away from this ideologically driven debate on National Public Radio and let’s get down to basics, let’s pass a jobs bill…

  • notlarrysabato

    Didn’t he vote against the Democratic jobs bill in 2010?

  • “I strongly oppose H.R. 1076. Our public broadcasting system of stations is a national treasure.

    “Public television and radio stations are in virtually every corner of the United States and are valuable community partners, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

    “They lead the nation in technological and programming innovation. Public broadcasting has been the major developer for accessible media that serves those with vision and hearing impairments.

    “With federal grant funding, NPR collaborated in the development of technology for emergency alerting to the hearing impaired.

    “It’s a function the commercial market wouldn’t explore because it’s not profitable. But more than 36 million hearing impaired in the U.S. can rely on public radio for emergency alerts in times of crisis.

    “Most people like their local NPR station. I like mine. WAMU and WETA are great.

    “But the funding restrictions put forward in this legislation strike at the heart of these great stations. It will cripple their ability to produce local programming.

    “Federal funding for some rural NPR stations makes up nearly 50% of their budget.

    “This legislation would prohibit public radio stations from using federal funds to acquire beloved programs such as This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition, Car Talk, All Things Considered, and many, many others.

    “Public radio stations, serve as a fair and objective news source.

    “Tony Blankley, the conservative syndicated columnist agrees.

    “He has stated “I’ve been on NPR regularly for a very long time. From a personal perspective they have always given me plenty of access, I am clearly a right-wing commentator so I cannot complain. There’s a conservative on and there’s a liberal on, so that’s all fair.”

    “Eliminating funding for NPR would do little to rein in our national debt. It will not create jobs. In fact, 9,000 would be in jeopardy if this passes. Let’s stop picking on public radio and use our limited floor time to debate the real issues facing our nation.”