“Sideshow Bob”: Gay Basher, Pitchman for the Mortgage Banking Industry


    When Del. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall’s not busy gay bashing, what does he do with his time? He cuts ads for a law firm that has “one purpose-to serve the mortgage banking industry.” Is this bizarre or what? Is it even legal (of course, in Virginia, politicians can just about get away with murder)?  Finally, what’s the deal with this line: “Virginia House Bill 1506: A bill written by Delegate Bob Marshall and Dena M. Roudybush, General Counsel for Compliance Counsel, PC.” Marshall’s actually admitting that a representative of the mortgage banking industry itself wrote his bill on the mortgage banking industry? By the way, HB 1506 died in House Committee this year. Any experts on mortgage banking out there who can explain what this gobbledygook means?  Thanks.

    • lenbennett

      These were bills that I, Va Poverty Law, Va Interfaith, Chap Peterson, Del. Abbott, NACA, and many others strongly supported and fought for this last session.

      Del Marshall was a hero to Virginia consumers, consumer advocacy groups and myself in particular.  (While I am certainly no fan of the firm Compliance Counsel, that is because it does a poor job informing and representing consumers; not because it is presently on the wrong side of the foreclosure issue). Wherever he may be on other issues we care about – he quickly got up to speed and understood these complex foreclosure problems that really would have mattered to VA homeowners.  He was of course shot down harshly by the corporate Republicans (aka The Va Bankers Association; aka the House Courts, Civil Justice Subcomm).  But he was a real champion.  He wrote to the AG.  He lobbied the Gov – both to no avail.  

      And when Del Athey complied with the VBA strategy of sending his, and then Chap’s bills (which did many of the same things) to the Gov’s “Foreclosure Study Commission”  (run by former Countrywide Mortgage Del T. Suit), Del Marshall wrote a detailed and harsh letter to the Subcomm addressing the issue.

      I do not support Del Marshall’s issues in many regards.  And for awhile had chuckled when I read the references to him as “Sideshow Bob.” But now having talked with the man; been impressed by his intellect – not merely his agreement on foreclosure issues; and understanding that he is motivated by his beliefs in right vs. wrong (as opposed to the motivations of most of the House Rep. caucus), I ask that our side stop insulting this good man with that label.

      And I love you to Lowell.  

      Len Bennett

      Consumer Litigation Associates,

      Board of Directors, NACA

      Newport News, VA

    • and his homophobic bigotry at the New Dominion Project.

      These harsh and untrue words attack Virginians from all walks of life, including our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, mothers and fathers, coworkers and colleagues, and students and teachers. They also ignore years of longitudinal social science research showing gays and lesbians can be loving, effective parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics, for instance, has concluded, “A growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that children who grow up with 1 or 2 gay and/or lesbian parents fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual.”


      Virginia is the birthplace of the ideas about freedom that are America’s greatest gift to the world and to history. Jefferson’s declaration that all men are declared equal (another misnomer with thousands of years of history behind it-of course, he should have said “people”) was born here. Madison devised his brilliant framework for religious freedom here. You also make your statements against our fellow Virginians here. And so it is here, today, where we, along with hundreds of thousands of Virginians, reject your ideas

      Well said.

    • lenbennett

      He was never a pitchman for the Mortgage Banking Industry.  The reference you see is because “Corporate Counsel” claims to have experience in Dana’s previous life as a mortgage banker.

      Your description of them is 100% accurate and I expect that you know that from the exact same source that I do.  

      And I am 100% with you regarding the social issues listed. But you are wrong on this issue and provide a disincentive for folks like Marshall to take the right position and fight for it by misstating – by mistake of course – the position he took.

      Similarly, in the Senate, Sen. Quayle and McWaters voted with the Dems in supporting (and thus passing out of the Senate) Chap’s similar foreclosure fraud bill.  

      On the otherhand, Dems that are fine on social issues keep killing progressive efforts at economic justice and consumer fairness (e.g. Saslaw, Keam, Alexander, etc).        

    • lenbennett