“Sideshow Bob”: Gay Basher, Pitchman for the Mortgage Banking Industry


    When Del. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall’s not busy gay bashing, what does he do with his time? He cuts ads for a law firm that has “one purpose-to serve the mortgage banking industry.” Is this bizarre or what? Is it even legal (of course, in Virginia, politicians can just about get away with murder)?  Finally, what’s the deal with this line: “Virginia House Bill 1506: A bill written by Delegate Bob Marshall and Dena M. Roudybush, General Counsel for Compliance Counsel, PC.” Marshall’s actually admitting that a representative of the mortgage banking industry itself wrote his bill on the mortgage banking industry? By the way, HB 1506 died in House Committee this year. Any experts on mortgage banking out there who can explain what this gobbledygook means?  Thanks.

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