Quick talking points on the Republican budget blueprint


    1. Sets a $1 trillion deficit for 2012.

    2. Continues deficit spending for 30 years.

    3. Promises hundreds of billions of dollars from “closing tax loopholes” without specifying a single loophole.

    4. Leaves middle class taxes the same, but reduces the tax rate for millionaires to 25%, the lowest tax rate since the Hoover administration.

    5. Privatizes Medicare (via a voucher system) for people under 55.

    6. Sends federal money to the states to fund Medicaid — without holding the states accountable for how they spend federal dollars.

    7. One-sixth of Ryan’s deficit reduction comes from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    8. 20% of deficit reduction comes from repeal of the new healthcare law, which the CBO says will save $1.2 billion over the next two decades.

    9. Developed without any bi-partisan input. Although Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee, he excluded all Democrats while developing this plan.

    I hope other people can add to this list.


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