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Eric Cantor Plays Political Games with Tornado Relief Funds


Wow, just when you think it’s not possible for Eric Cant’or to sink any lower, he does just that.

Firefighters and rescue workers who arrived in Joplin, MO, found that the deadly tornado that hit the state Sunday had left a “barren, smoky wasteland” in its path. Rescue workers worked through more storms in an effort to find potential survivors, even as the death toll rose to at least 119. President Obama pledged full support to the state Monday, telling survivors, “We’re here with you. We’re going to stay by you.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), however, said that before Congress approved federal funds for disaster relief, it had to offset the spending with cuts to other programs…

This is the same guy, by the way, who believes it’s fine to cut taxes for the wealthy, budget deficit be damned, but when it comes to people who need emergency help because of a natural disaster (or whatever else – health problems, old age, you name it), I guess Can’tor’s attitude is pretty much “you’re on your own.” The only question I’ve got is, “how could anyone in their right mind ever vote for this clown or his Republican’t colleagues?” I really don’t get it.

  • Jim B

    Any chance the media will bring this up? Read on Dkos that Wolfie brought it up on CNN. Don’t think he would rat out a fellow repug.

    There are a lot bad apples in the repug basket. Apparently Bill Long the Missouri rep made fun of tornado practice alerts and had a bill to sell off ham radio wave frequencies.

    The repugs don’t want to update the weather sats either.

  • Teddy Goodson

    for the remarkably disgusting attitudes and comments of the current crop of Republicans: they actually believe that the United States is facing financial collapse, that the almighty bond holders, the investors who buy US Treasuries, are going to treat the US the way they have treated Ireland, Greece, etc., and that America is facing financial Armageddon—- the whole schtick of the Ron Paul crowd, the libertarians and the doomsayers who are (gleefully) predicting total collapse, rioting in the streets, starvation, hyper-inflation, and “The End of America” (the actual title of a video produced by this crowd and sent to literally thousands of frightened ultra-conservatives). These are the survivalists who are stocking ammo and canned goods, prepared for the collapse of civilization, Mayan predictions of the coming of a new age, etc. They have come to believe their own propaganda.

  • George Jefferson Davis

    Someone get these clowns on the same page, or at least point out the lunacy/hypocrisy.


    “I urge FEMA to reconsider this decision and to expedite my request.”–Bob McDonnell

    “We must get these folks the disaster relief they need and continue rebuilding. When the appeal reaches the President and FEMA, I strongly urge them to reverse their initial denial.”–Morgan Griffith


    “Apparently, we can spend all sorts of money on many frivolous federal programs, but not for those who are truly in need of disaster relief.”–Morgan Griffith

  • BrenBlue59

    I am actually pretty shocked that so-called “lefty” media outlets haven’t jumped on Cantor’s comments. Nothing from “The Last Word”,  “Hardball”, The Rachel Maddow Show or even Ed Schultz. I commented on this article:


    Beyond the lack of media outcry though, I would like to see the DCCC throw some real money and support behind a challenger to Cantor’s seat in the 7th. But beyond money there needs to be a strong unified grassroots effort to unseat Cantor. Every time he comes up for reelection Cantor acts like he’s either (a) unbeatable – or-

    (b) alone on the ticket ( his refusal to debate or in any other way acknowledge the opposing candidate.

    His apparent total refusal to be accountable to voters at election time has to count for something with voters. It’s time to get aggressive an not just knock Cantor from his perch as Majority leader, but to unseat him.