Powerful Evidence of Media’s Anti-Democratic, Pro-Conservative Bias


    Any further questions about whether the media is actually biased in a big way against Democrats (and progressives) and towards Republicans and conservatives?

    To briefly review, there were five major lower-court rulings that evaluated the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act on the merits, three sided with the Obama administration and two sided with ACA opponents. As I documented, rulings in support of the law generally received little to no attention from the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, and the Associated Press, while rulings against the law were literally treated as front-page news.


    Yesterday’s ruling was the most important to date – it was the first ruling from a federal appeals court bench – and even had the added hook of having Republican-appointed judges siding with the Obama administration. Surely this is front-page news, right?

    Wrong. Here’s the tale of the tape, putting yesterday’s coverage in the larger context of the other cases…

    Just on the Washington Kaplan Post alone: the two (2) court rulings against the Affordable Care Act both received front-page coverage, with 2,800 words to cover those stories. As for the four (4) court rulings in support of the Affordable Care Act? Well, there was one with no article at all, one in Section B, and two in Section A but not on the front page. Also, the number of words written about those four cases: 2,167 words, which is 633 fewer words than the Kaplan Post wrote about the two rulings against the Affordable Care Act.

    As I said at the beginning, any further questions about whether the media is strongly biased AGAINST Democrats and progressives?  

    • mrg.uva

      on some parts of this.  I think in the Mainstream Media (minus Fox News if you count it as such,) the bias is towards generating/publicizing conflict rather than one ideology over another, hence why you get more stories on ACA overturns than upholding decisions.  The conflict is what generates ratings/page views and hence the revenue they need to remain relevant.

    • Teddy Goodson

      the media have not given President Obama’s recent press conference adequate coverage—- it is the same kind of shallow and half-truth coverage as has been given the entire health care issue. They never give the Democrats credit for what they do, or the rationale for what they do. Has anyone in the mass media, in discussing the press conference, failed to preface a condensed version of Obama’s comments with something about “appealing to his base,” as if that’s the whole point of what the President had to say? This is a clear effort to trivialize and minimize his valid point, (chastizing Republicans and Congress) for not doing their job and thus risking the future of the United States’ economy and world position. “See, it’s all just politics.” There is no actual effort to inform the public.  

    • Keith

      The cases that have received extensive media coverage are the multi-state lawsuit with the 25+ state attorneys general joining together and the lawsuit by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  By the very nature of these lawsuits and the individuals involved, considerable MSM coverage should be expected and it has been consistently negative in opposition to them. The other lawsuits – by individuals and/or organizations – may, in themselves, be significant but it is understandable that they receive limited coverage because the people involved are not high-profile.  All sides agree that this issue will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court where we can be guaranteed there will be extensive MSM coverage and  very supportive of Obamacare.  To conclude from the to-date reaction of the MSM to these varied lawsuits that the MSM is somehow pro-conservative is a bit of a stretch.  

    • Jim B

      Since these are high profile cases, why shouldn’t the ACH law get as much coverage as the wingnut law suits? Maybe it is media bias.

    • hrprogressive

      Further evidence, diary on Kos where a CNN anchor apparently asked outright why the President and Democrats didn’t “just cave” to the Republicans on the debt fight.

      There’s no liberal bias anywhere except on liberal websites, and even then, you’ll find right-wing trolls.