Powerful Evidence of Media’s Anti-Democratic, Pro-Conservative Bias


    Any further questions about whether the media is actually biased in a big way against Democrats (and progressives) and towards Republicans and conservatives?

    To briefly review, there were five major lower-court rulings that evaluated the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act on the merits, three sided with the Obama administration and two sided with ACA opponents. As I documented, rulings in support of the law generally received little to no attention from the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, and the Associated Press, while rulings against the law were literally treated as front-page news.


    Yesterday’s ruling was the most important to date – it was the first ruling from a federal appeals court bench – and even had the added hook of having Republican-appointed judges siding with the Obama administration. Surely this is front-page news, right?

    Wrong. Here’s the tale of the tape, putting yesterday’s coverage in the larger context of the other cases…

    Just on the Washington Kaplan Post alone: the two (2) court rulings against the Affordable Care Act both received front-page coverage, with 2,800 words to cover those stories. As for the four (4) court rulings in support of the Affordable Care Act? Well, there was one with no article at all, one in Section B, and two in Section A but not on the front page. Also, the number of words written about those four cases: 2,167 words, which is 633 fewer words than the Kaplan Post wrote about the two rulings against the Affordable Care Act.

    As I said at the beginning, any further questions about whether the media is strongly biased AGAINST Democrats and progressives?  

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