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Virgil Goode for President? We Can Only Hope!


Let’s all hope this comes to pass:

At its April meeting in Harrisburg, Pa., the national executive committee of the Constitution Party passed a resolution urging [former Rep. Virgil] Goode to seek its presidential nomination next year.

Goode, who’s been making speeches at Constitution Party meetings for two years, said he’s thinking about it.

I will consider it as the year progresses,” Goode said when reached at his Rocky Mount office Thursday.

A “tanned, rested and ready” (as the saying goes) Virgil Goode running on the Constitution Party line, maybe siphoning off 1% or 2% of the (right-wingnut) vote?  Hey, a bit of insurance for Barack Obama’s reelection sounds great to me. Now, if only Donald Trump would throw his hat in the ring as an independent and absolutely guarantee Obama’s reelection, I’d sleep a lot easier at night…

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    How about a Democratic dream ticket for the GOP of Sarah Palin for president and Michelle Bachmann for vice-president?

  • KathyinBlacksburg
  • cvllelaw

    the ex-Governor of Minnesota.  Then they’d be the Goode and Pawlenty ticket.  (Say it fast.)

  • Chris

    I say we draft George Allen for President.

  • mrg.uva

    but I did work for Virgil Goode back in the late 90s when he was still a Democrat.  He is an interesting study in the corruption that comes with power and the pendulum effect that eventually takes that power away.

  • glennbear

    He was replaced by Tom Perriello who was arguably the best in that incoming class to the House. Unfortunately the GOP/corporate media blitz caused us to end up with empty suit Hurt which is reminiscent of the days of Goode.