Areizaga-Soto Campaign: Favola, Cuccinelli and McDonnell All Funded by “same best friend”


    You know, I really wish the Jaime Areizaga-Soto for Senate campaign would tell us how they really feel about 31st Senate district  (Arlington/Fairfax/Loudoun) primary opponent Barbara Favola. Check this out (click to “embiggen”). Also, for more on who Preston Caruthers is and who he gives huge sums of money to (hint: it’s not Democrats or progressives!), click here. The question is, do hard-hitting mailers like this generally help or hurt the candidate sending them out, and what impact will they have specifically in this race? “Stay tuned” is about the best I can advise at this point!

    For the “B side” of the mailer, continue to the “B side” (aka, the “flip”) of this diary.

    P.S. I also received a “positive” piece from Areizaga-Soto and a “positive” piece from Favola today. The blizzard of mail in this race continues!

    • mrg.uva

      somebody got that image of the b side fixed.  might’ve been a bad scene.

    • Delegate Bob Brink Statement on 31st Senate District Democratic Primary

      July 7, 2011

      Up until this week I had intended to remain neutral in the Democratic primary for the 31st Senate District. Today I am endorsing Barbara Favola. Throughout her public career she has shown how to translate values into action, and I am certain she will be an effective voice for Northern Virginia’s priorities in Richmond.

      I’m disappointed that my friend Jaime Areizaga-Soto has been persuaded that victory in the primary can be achieved through slick negative campaign mailings. Possibly his consultants have cited examples where a campaign based on harsh personal attacks was successful in an Arlington-based district: I cannot recall any in the three decades I’ve been involved in Arlington politics, but I am familiar with more than one that had the precise opposite effect.

      Voters in our region have shown repeatedly that they want their public officials to talk about the issues that touch their daily lives, and that they have little tolerance for Karl Rove-style mudslinging. Any candidate who doesn’t understand that is unqualified to represent us.

    • Peter Rousselot

      Because the issue of developer contributions is an entirely legitimate one, the effort to dismiss it as a “negative attack” falls flat as does Delegate Brink’s attempt to use this as the pretext for his endorsement of Barbara Favola.

      Incumbents or better known elected officials always benefit  more than challengers if they can convince the electorate that any criticism of their performance, however fair, is a nefarious and unjustified negative attack.

      I applaud Jaime Areizaga-Soto for raising a perfectly legitimate issue about his opponent’s conduct, not confining himself to artificial campaign standards that others (who are aligned against him) would like him to follow. As the relatively lesser known challenger, Jaime needs both to raise awareness about himself and raise awareness about truthful negative things about Barbara that might come as an unpleasant surprise to likely primary voters.

      If Jaime wins, his strategy will be vindicated. If Jaime loses, Brink and others will say it was because he went negative. I for one agree that Jaime should pursue the strategy he is pursuing.

    • Brian

      If the good guy, or girl, is sleeping with the enemy-ok that was bad terminology, but not in that sense, but getting close to the same fundraisers, and this person is in Arlington, and Arlington is dominated by the Democrats, and she’s a Democrat, and like most politicians, she usually runs for reelection unopposed,because it’s a slam dunk they’re always going to win, what are we to do?  

    • jimhock

      I take great exception to this mailer today.  To put Barbara innthe same category as Cooch and McDonnell is ridiculous.  Let’s raise the level of discourse in this campaign Jaime.  

    • NewVirginia

      I respect everyone who has made decisions about endorsements in this race. They each have their personal reasons for giving an endorsement, for not giving an endorsement or for staying neutral. These are important private decisions and I would never try to second guess what happened.

      But, I want to clarify something:  on one hand, we have a candidate, using a completely valid campaign tactic. And on the other hand, we have a toxic whispering campaign that seeks to cast aspersions on the honor of a 20 year JAG officer who has been a trusted member of the Obama Administration, who is someone who is a good Virginia Democrat, who is an officer of an important DPVA Constituency group and who is also one of the most highly qualified Latinos to run for higher office in our Commonwealth as a Democrat.

      Open Tactic versus Behind the Back Smear. I know which campaign style I prefer.

    • Jeff Barnett

      I’m extremely disappointed that Jaime Areizaga-Soto chose to go negative by attacking Barbara Favola’s character. His first negative mailer made me concerned. His second negative mailer made me angry. By using negative campaign tactics to win the upcoming Democratic primary, Jaime lost my vote.

      Negative campaigning in killing American politics. The most common tactics, used by the Karl Rove’s of the world, employ guilt by association, unflattering pictures, and over-the-top assertions. In Fairfax, Barbara Comstock used these smear tactics to unseat our superb Democratic delegate, Margie Vanderhye. It is sad when one of our own Democrats uses the same Republican tactics to attack another Democrat.

      We must do more than just deplore negative campaigning. We must hold candidates accountable when they use cheap smear tactics.

      I was leaning towards Jaime before these mailers. No more.

    • NewVirginia

      Blue Virginia recommended New Virginia’s posting on two great mailers Jaime Areizaga-Soto’s campaign did on Democratic values and issues that got lost in the shuffle. Please take some time to look at them. They will remind everyone what Jaime’s campaign is all about!