Why Should I vote for Jaime?:Thoughts from a state politics novice.


    Jaime Areizanga-Soto states he’s endorsed by Blue Virginia, I’d like people to tell this amateur of local government why I should vote for him?

    Why should I vote for Jaime?  I took a class in State and Local Politics, back when Mark Warner was just a Governor of a state called Virginia, and he was trying to get a tax raise/budget passed through the General Assembly.  My professor was a guy who looked like he came off the set of Top Gun.Since then, I have mostly fallen out of state politics. I’m vaguely familiar with Arlington County politics, despite the fact, that I have had been employed as a Volunteer election officer for the last decade. I started taking notice of the State Senate race for the 31st district a couple days ago, when I came here. There’s some posts that are putting out Jaime literature,but then says they’re not picking sides. From that, and a couple of fliers one for Favola, one for Jaime Areizanga-Soto, led me to each candidate’s website. They’re both Democrats but only Favola’s tells me what she is for, and her progressive background. Areizanga-Soto reads like it’s green, and it’s his first campaign.He state’s what he’s against,who he’s against. Problem is, he doesn’t have a good bio on how he’s tried to implement the progressive values he’s for, and even those, the way it’s worded, looks a little shaky, almost as if his whole public service was graciously handed to him by appointments. So, I want to know, why did Blue Virginia endorse him, if it did, from it’s angle,and what prompted that endorsement, and why is this, a good reason I should vote for someone I don’t know?  

    • He is not a career politician.

      As for Jaime’s position on the issues, please see our extensive interview with him, covering a wide range of topics. I think it’s very clear that he’ll be a progressive champion in Richmond for all the issues we care about. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to being his constituent come January 2012!

    • DCCyclone

      …IMO there is no appreciable difference between Areizaga-Soto and Favola on major issues of the day.

      The differences are in biography/resume and maybe the quality of their respective campaigns.

      Yes, Areizaga-Soto is green, but that doesn’t matter for state legislature.  As long as he has decent life experience and is intelligent, thoughtful, knows his personal and political values, and a good listener, that’s enough to justify voting for him for state Senate over someone with a stronger resume.  State legislature is a starting point for a lot of political careers, previous public office should not be needed to justify a vote for such a candidate.  I’m not concerned with Jaime’s resume.

      Favola obviously has experience in elected office, and I don’t mean to diminish the value of that–it IS valuable.  But I just don’t think it’s essential for a state Senator.

      The only other major difference in their biographies is stuff that is entirely in the eye of the beholder.  Do you think we need more women in office, or more Hispanics or people of color more broadly?  Do you want someone younger for (maybe more energetic) new blood, or someone a little more seasoned and greater life experience?  Do you value Jaime’s military background more, or Favola’s experience in public office?  There’s no right or wrong answer here.

      Personally, I’m leaning toward Jaime because I like the profile of a young, Hispanic military veteran, and I can see that playing a little better in the general election where I live, in McLean, than Favola’s resume.  But my take on that is very superficial and could easily be wrong.

      The above stuff all being very subjective, a more objective barometer in my view is the quality of their campaigns.  So far I’ve been inundated with mailers from Jaime, at least a dozen.  Favola has sent me stuff 3 or 4 times.  I’ve gotten one volunteer call from each campaign.  Jaime’s volunteer who called me, a lady in Arlington, told me Jaime has lost 12 pounds knocking on doors.  That impresses me, I’m a regular door-knocker myself and know how hard the work is, and Jaime is obviously hitting the pavement hard.  But that doesn’t mean Favola isn’t doing the same.

      I’m also eagerly awaiting their campaign finance reports.  Money matters, and I suspect, based on the number of mail pieces, Jaime is raising more, although I obviously could be wrong and it could be simply that Favola is hoarding her cash for a push closer to primary day and also for the general.  Favola had raised about $60K by the end of March and spent only $3K for $57K banked, and Jaime had either not yet jumped in yet or didn’t raise enough yet to require filing a report.