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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are some Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, July 26. Also, see last night’s presidential address to the nation. I thought Barack Obama did a superb job, reminding me why I voted for him in the first place!

*Series of short-term debt deal votes will be a tax increase, Dem charges

*Eric Cantor Admits That $1 Trillion In War Savings Counted In Ryan Plan, ‘Cut, Cap & Balance’ Plan

*In Cantor, hedge funds and private equity firms have voice at debt ceiling negotiations

*Va. legislators will return to work to fill judgeships

Va. lawmakers will consider ‘Caylee’s Law’

*GOP Senate primary candidate says Democratic Sen. Marsden violated zoning code on campaign signs (You know it’s election time when people start fighting over signs. Zzzzzzzz.)

*Suffolk reverses course, gives tax break to disabled veterans

*Del. Rob Bell Elected Chairman of State Crime Commission

*Serial Butt Stabber Sought in Virginia (yes, this is a real story)

*Dominion Virginia reports record power use

*Wind farms to crop up in northeastern N.C.

*Fairfax plans to use surplus to boost employee salaries

UPDATE: Mo Elleithee weighs in on the debt crisis, asks, “If public opinion, every piece of economic evidence, real bipartisan compromise, and crystal clear warnings from the credit agencies can’t get House Republicans to say yes, what will?


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