Why Should I vote for Jaime?:Thoughts from a state politics novice.


    Jaime Areizanga-Soto states he’s endorsed by Blue Virginia, I’d like people to tell this amateur of local government why I should vote for him?

    Why should I vote for Jaime?  I took a class in State and Local Politics, back when Mark Warner was just a Governor of a state called Virginia, and he was trying to get a tax raise/budget passed through the General Assembly.  My professor was a guy who looked like he came off the set of Top Gun.Since then, I have mostly fallen out of state politics. I’m vaguely familiar with Arlington County politics, despite the fact, that I have had been employed as a Volunteer election officer for the last decade. I started taking notice of the State Senate race for the 31st district a couple days ago, when I came here. There’s some posts that are putting out Jaime literature,but then says they’re not picking sides. From that, and a couple of fliers one for Favola, one for Jaime Areizanga-Soto, led me to each candidate’s website. They’re both Democrats but only Favola’s tells me what she is for, and her progressive background. Areizanga-Soto reads like it’s green, and it’s his first campaign.He state’s what he’s against,who he’s against. Problem is, he doesn’t have a good bio on how he’s tried to implement the progressive values he’s for, and even those, the way it’s worded, looks a little shaky, almost as if his whole public service was graciously handed to him by appointments. So, I want to know, why did Blue Virginia endorse him, if it did, from it’s angle,and what prompted that endorsement, and why is this, a good reason I should vote for someone I don’t know?  

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