Does GOP Candidate Matt Fariss Think He’s Above the Law?


    I must admit, its been pretty depressing in Virginia lately for Democrats. Let’s admit it, we haven’t had the best winning streaks as of late, particularly in rural Virginia.

    Up until recently, the 59th House of Delegates District currently held by retiring fake-independent/Republican Watkins Abbitt looked to be heading towards another GOP win/unfortunate Dem failure. Redistricting had not been terribly kind.

    However, my spirits were lightened a bit after a conversation I had with a friend of mine earlier this week. Apparently there is a very good chance that the Republicans are going to nominate an arrogant wackjob in their upcoming convention. Apparently, among other misdeeds GOP candidate Matt Fariss (real name Charles Matthew Fariss) has a continued pattern of getting in trouble with the law.

    To some, these offenses may seem minor, but let’s get real here. We are talking about the potential election to the Virginia House of Delegates (which is a LEGISLATIVE position, ie. deals with laws) of a guy who cannot even follow the law relating to one of his hobbies on a consistent basis. (He’s a prolific hunter, which by no means is a bad thing. He happens to simply hate rules.) If he can’t follow the law in areas like this, how can we expect him to follow the law in even more important areas. If he’s ignored the law this many times that we know about, what else is out that that we don’t know? Forget the fact that he is wrong on the issues, his arrogant repeated behavior shows that he cannot honestly represent our district in Richmond. Over the last 10 years he’s been convicted or received summons for the following: Unlawful carry of a concealed weapon, hunting from vehicle, conspiracy to sell wild animal, unlawful possession of a wild animal and violations. (Case #’s: GC00008013-00, GC01008218-00, GT01008219-00, GT01008220-00, GC01008221-00, GC10004469-00, GT02005380-00 in Campbell County.)

    With a joker like this on the GOP side, our candidate, whether its Connie Brennan or Jasper Hendricks, will certainly be able to run a very good race and likely turn this seat Blue. So while the thought of a Delegate Matt Fariss should terrify the average Virginian, we should root for Matt to win the GOP nomination because in the general election, our candidate will clean his clock!

    • cvllelaw

      I went to the court website to check, and most of what you have here is right, except that he was found not guilty of the charge of hunting from a vehicle.  He was found guilty of possession of a concealed weapon on that date.  Here is what I get from the Campbell County site:

      It’s also not hard to check.  Put http://epwsgdp1.courts.state.v… into your browser, and then, once you get past their “captcha” security, ask for Campbell County and put in his name.  Make sure to click on “active/inactive”, to get the older stuff.

      It shows, for Campbell County, that he has been convicted of the following:

      “Conspire to sell wild animal” —  The website refers to 29.1-505.1,… , which makes it a crime to conspire to violate a game regulation or another specific game law.  The site also refers to selling, which I assume refers to conspiring to sell game in violation of 29.1-521(A)(11).  If someone wanted to get hold of the warrant, it would be in the Campbell County courthouse (probably in the Circuit Court for storage), though they sometimes purge those after 10 years.   He was given a $50 fine on January 23, 2001, for an act that occurred on November 24, 2000.

      Carrying a concealed weapon and having an expired car registration — On November 29, 2001, Fariss was stopped and charged with those two offenses, plus hunting from a vehicle and improper stopping.  He was found not guilty of those latter two offenses when he went to court on January 22, 2002.  He was given a 10-day jail sentence, all suspended, on the concealed weapon charge.

      Unlawful possession of wild animal parts in violation of 29.1-521(A)(10).   His offense was May 12, 2010, and his conviction was on June 22, 2010.  He was given a $100 fine.

      Failing to keep to the right side of the highway.  September 23, 2002 conviction for something that happened on July 21, 2002.  $50 fine.

      He also seems to have gotten a ticket in Mecklenburg County for having a kid in his car without a seat belt on; he was convicted on October 23, 2006 for conduct on August 24, 2006.  He prepaid a fine.

      In Lynchburg General District Court he was served with a show cause for failing to appear on January 7, 2008; it is not clear from the computer record, but it appears that he was not convicted of the charge when he appeared on March 10, 2008.  Here is what I think happened there.

      He was sued by Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc., and a judgment was rendered against him on March 8, 2004, for $935.28.  He didn’t pay it.  He was served with creditor’s interrogatories, meaning that he had to come into court to tell Columbia Gas what money he had.  He apparently came to court on December 5, 2005, and left without paying the bill; the court record shows that the interrogatories were “dismissed no funds.”

      They tried to shake some more money out of him again on December 11, 2006, and again the interrogatories were “dismissed no funds.”

      They tried yet again on January 7, 2008, and again on March 10, 2008; the court website notes that the interrogatories were “unserved not found.”

      My guess is that the show cause that was served on him for failing to appear was dropped on March 10, 2008, when the creditor’s attorneys realized that they hadn’t gotten good service on him before.  But that is only a guess.

      The judgment was eventually paid, and the notice was filed with the court that the judgment had been satisfied on March 24, 2011.  It might have been paid before that, but the word not gotten back to the court.  

      Anyway, back to the list of traffic tickets…

      He prepaid a speeding ticket (72 in a 55) in Lynchburg on July 21, 2002.

      He prepaid a safety belt violation on August 19, 2008, in Lynchburg.  This is a little unusual, because a seat belt violation is NOT a primary offense, meaning that he could not have been charged unless the officer had some other basis for stopping him.  But no other charge was brought against him that shows on the Lynchburg District Court website.

      He also got a speeding ticket (54 in a 35) in Halifax County General District Court, which he prepaid.  The case was called on December 9, 2002.

    • momof3or6

      He’s also been sued successfully for injuries that someone sustained in an automobile accident, which I believe was finally settled within the past 6 months.  The victim is supposed to receive monthly payments, and as of July 15th, still hadn’t received the one for July.

      He is very crooked, and is buddy-buddy with the local authorities, which is why some things have probably been dropped.  I wonder how many of the deputies that issued him tickets are still employeed within Campbell County?

      He also holds a Real Estate license, owns rental properties, and disregards the laws in both.  Not sure why he thinks he’s above any law, but I know I don’t want him representing me.