Time for Democrats to Go on the Offensive


    (Can Democrats even play offense any more?  They’d sure better remember, and fast, because if not, they’re toast.   – promoted by lowkell)

    Democrats will be forced to “hold our noses” and support the Republican-dominated debt-ceiling bill. Democrats will act responsibly to raise the debt ceiling; the alternative is to risk the “full faith and credit of the United States.” The Republican-imposed cost, however, is steep: gutting the social safety net during a deep recession – exactly when the safety net is needed most. Because of Republican irresponsibility, this is our only responsible option.

    The real test will come after August 2nd. Will Democrats turn this vote into a deciding issue? Will Democrats hold Republicans accountable for this travesty? We failed to hold them accountable after the last two travesties (the government shut-down vote last Spring; and, the tax-cut extension bill last December). Hopefully, Democrats will stop playing defense and go on the offense.

    Democrats believe:

    • Social programs are positive for the Nation when kept within the constraints of a balanced federal budget.

    • Federal taxes and regulations should encourage economic growth while matching revenue with spending.

    • In a severe recession, government should intervene by increasing spending (to avert a spiral into depression).

    Republicans believe:

    • Real economic growth requires low taxes and reliance on markets to self-regulate.

    • Taxing for social programs undermines economic growth.

    • In a severe recession, government should cut taxes, spending and regulations even more (to help businesses recover).

    Only one of these positions is right. It is time for Democrats to step up and clearly state what we believe is right. The alternative is to constantly play defense – which is a losing strategy.

    • Teddy Goodson

      explanation of the two points of view. Thank you, Jeff Barnett.

      Why is it so difficult for Democrats to point out the differences forcefully? I mean, something more than just bleating about “Bush’s failed policies.” I want stuff more like socking it to them: “America lost 2 million (or whatever) jobs thanks to the Bush tax cuts. Tax cuts do not create jobs, they kill jobs.” “Markets are like every other game people play, they have to have rules. Self-regulating free markets are a fairy tale greedy bullies find it convenient to tell us little guys while they rip us off.”  

    • VADEM

      JUST. SUCKS. As usual, they get 99.9% of what they wanted, we get .5%-if lucky.

      Epic fail. Again. I really thought we’d win a little this time. I must have been living in an alternative universe.

    • totallynext

      Democrats invest!

      From there you can take the follow on message any which way