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The Washington Examiner, Michele Bachmann & GOP/Media Symbiosis


Usually if something that claims to be a news outlet uses a public figure’s image in its advertising, it’s in the context of a newsworthy event to prove the strength of its coverage. An inauguration, tear down this wall, etc. But the Washington Examiner is simply using a head shot of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on its banner ads. If you didn’t look closely, you’d be excused for thinking it was a TV show & Bachmann was its host:


While progressives still fret about the Washington Times, long DC’s biggest GOP cheerleader, they’ve mostly overlooked the rise to prominence of the Examiner:

Washington Times: 28,329

Washington Examiner: 282,548

The difference? While the Times still charges a small subscription fee, the Examiner isn’t just available for free – it pays workers to hand it to commuters at Metro stops. The Examiner’s ultra conservative owner doesn’t care about making a profitPhilip Anschutz is the 33rd-wealthiest person in America.

So here’s my question: Why isn’t it considered a political contribution for a Republican financier to underwrite a GOP newsletter handed out at Metro stations?

  • kindler

    Though I also have to ask how much of that claimed circulation is made up of cases like me, where I keep telling them not to throw it in my driveway and they keep ignoring me?

  • sspiker

    I honestly can’t tell whether you are seriously arguing for regulation of free speech and free press simply because you disagree with the editorial content, or if this is one of your funny jokes.

  • of a kinda sorta real newspaper with kinda sort real articles, plus a sports section, plus weather, combined with about 1/3 of the paper which is just bat**** crazy, far-right-wing propaganda, paid for as you say by a wealthy right wingnut. Do they have a right to do this?  Of course. Should we all keep that in mind when we read this “newspaper?” Absolutely! Either that, or just use the Examiner to line your bird cage, kitty litter box, etc. That’s about what it’s worth.

  • glennbear

    The problem for folks left of center is that just as many believe Fox is a true news station many think that this rag is a real unbiased news source as opposed to a propaganda machine.Unfortunately in today’s society where the educated are looked at as elitist the problem will continue as America is dumbed down to the Jerry Springer level.

  • totallynext

    I get this rag every week – throw out of course – but it is delivered to my driveway.