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The Washington Examiner, Michele Bachmann & GOP/Media Symbiosis


Usually if something that claims to be a news outlet uses a public figure’s image in its advertising, it’s in the context of a newsworthy event to prove the strength of its coverage. An inauguration, tear down this wall, etc. But the Washington Examiner is simply using a head shot of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on its banner ads. If you didn’t look closely, you’d be excused for thinking it was a TV show & Bachmann was its host:


While progressives still fret about the Washington Times, long DC’s biggest GOP cheerleader, they’ve mostly overlooked the rise to prominence of the Examiner:

Washington Times: 28,329

Washington Examiner: 282,548

The difference? While the Times still charges a small subscription fee, the Examiner isn’t just available for free – it pays workers to hand it to commuters at Metro stops. The Examiner’s ultra conservative owner doesn’t care about making a profitPhilip Anschutz is the 33rd-wealthiest person in America.

So here’s my question: Why isn’t it considered a political contribution for a Republican financier to underwrite a GOP newsletter handed out at Metro stations?


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