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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning (Primary Election Day — Go Vote!)


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for PRIMARY ELECTION DAY 2011. Please make sure you get out and vote (polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm), and remind everyone you know that today is election day. In the 31st State Senate district, I encourage everyone to support Jaime Areizaga-Soto, the far superior candidate in this race. In the Braddock District Supervisor’s race, I enthusiastically endorse Janet Oleszek over Some Random McCain-Palin Dude. Finally, in the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney race, I endorse the superbly qualified Theo Stamos. And remember, your vote really matters in these primary races, as turnout tends to be low.

*Voters go to polls today in sixteen legislative primaries

*Kaine campaigns to keep state Senate in Democratic hands

*Virginia GOP knocks Maryland’s O’Malley

*Cassidy: What’s in Virginia’s surplus? (short answer: Federal “stimulus” money, “creative accounting,” “cuts, cuts, and more cuts.”)

*Sen. Mark Warner the 5th wealthiest member of Congress

*Mark Warner embarks on a tour of Virginia: Eight days, 39 events

*Cantor attacks Obama as anti-jobs (look in the mirror, Eric, it’s YOU and YOUR party who are killing jobs with your wildly irresponsible policies and actions)

*Eric Cantor: Remove the obstacles to economic growth (the answer to everything, in Cantor’s view: cut taxes for the rich, slash regulations to allow corporations to get away with murder)

*Beach Dems lack a candidate in 8th Senate District

*More than 75,000 rode The Tide on its debut weekend, HRT says

*Va. Beach redistricting plan angles for diversity boost

*University of Northern Virginia: What is it? Part 1

*Irene could bring heavy rain to Virginia this weekend

UPDATE for Braddock District voters: Everything you need to know about Chris “Random McCain-Palin Supporter” Wade. 1) He was a self-identified STRONG McCain-Palin supporter in 2008. 2) He has never explained that, nor has he said whether he’d vote for Obama in 2012. 3) He has voted in numerous Republican primaries, NEVER in a Democratic primary. 4) He didn’t even vote for Sharon Bulova in 2007, or for Ilryong Moon in 2009.

  • Johnny Longtorso

    The Virginia Beach Democratic Party is one of the most pathetic party organizations I’ve ever seen. Adrianne Bennett is going to be the only challenger to any Republican in the entire city. Barry Knight, Bob Purkey, Chris Stolle, Sal Iaquinto, Bob Tata, Frank Wagner, and Jeff McWaters will all go unopposed.

    What do these people do at their meetings? It certainly doesn’t seem like they care about winning, or even contesting, elections.

  • about 1/2 hour ago. My wife and I were #27 and #28. No poll greeters for either Favola or Areizaga-Soto. Not even a SIGN for Favola that I could see. There WAS a poll greeter for Theo Stamos (none for David Deane), and also a table for Arlington Dems, collecting signatures to get Barack Obama’s name on the ballot in 2012.  What are you seeing/hearing at your polling place?

  • Redjek

    Well, the Republican candidate for sheriff.  Not particularly exciting.

  • snolan

    Evergreen (Prince William) polling place had perhaps 15 people outside pushing various GOP candidates for the three offices/positions having primaries (State Senate, State Delegate, Gainesville Supervisor).  There had already been about about 60 voters through the precinct when I voted at 8am.

    Supervisor Candidate Michael High was present in person.

    Candland’s supporters were pushy and overly focused on right-to-life issues for a county supervisor candidate (IMNSHO).

    Chase and Black supporters (the same folks mostly) were completely unashamed of their support for these hateful candidates.

    Drove over to Mullen in Manassas (Prince William) to deliver food to my wife who is an election official there and they only had two (2) supporters outside pushing Stirrup and High.  They’d only had 17 voters by 9am… shockingly different turnout and mood between two voting places within Prince William County.