Why I Am Supporting Stephanie Clifford & Election Day Message from Stephanie


    Today is election day and I am writing to share a message from my dear friend, Stephanie Clifford, who is running to bring the voice and values of the 49th District down to Richmond.  Like so many others, I am supporting Stephanie Clifford for Delegate because she has the personality and work ethic we so desperately need in Richmond. Fighting for progressive values is certainly important, but I want my delegate to go to Richmond with one goal: to work for and achieve progressive results.  

    On paper that may sound like a subtle difference, but in the very Republican halls of the House of Delegates, that difference is critical to any actual progress. My next delegate must be a real voice for my community, not just another Democrat on a soap box railing against Cuccinelli. The latter will inevitably be dismissed, disregarded, and disliked. Whereas the former, well, that is the person who can reach across the aisle with credibility, problem solve, and work with her fellow representatives to achieve real solutions that will move this Commonwealth forward.  

    From day one Stephanie has shown me that she will be that delegate. She earned my support months before she ever asked for it. How? She took the time to learn what I cared about, listen to my concerns, and brainstorm possible solutions with me — she engaged me, a future constituent, and foreshadowed precisely the Delegate she will be.  And when she did ask for my vote, she didn’t do so just to add me to a list of supporters; she asked me to take this journey with her.  

    I’m not sure anyone knows the energy, dedication, and personal motivation it takes to build a grassroots campaign, especially when you’re a new face on the scene, until you witness someone like Stephanie do it.  If you think she looks a little tired in the below video, well, that’s great — because you have a better understanding of just how hard she has been working.  Today alone she made over 500 phone calls to voters.  She has knocked on over 3,000 doors twice!  Up early and to sleep late, I’m honestly surprised she is still standing.  But all of this is simply a testament to how hard she will work for you, if only you give her the chance.

    Today is election day and I ask you to join me in supporting Stephanie Clifford for 49th District Delegate.  And if I haven’t convinced you yet, well, take a moment to hear from Stephanie herself!

    Election Day Message from Stephanie: http://youtu.be/HwwI8m0w5hw

    Stephanie has given us a choice in this election, and regardless of whom you cast your ballot for, I know I speak for her in thanking you for taking the time and energy to participate in our great democracy.


    Tiffany M. Joslyn

    49th District Voter


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