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Open Thread: Virginia Primary Election Day 2011


Please feel free to use this as an open thread for today’s primary elections. What are you seeing and hearing?  Please let us know in the comments section. I just voted about an hour ago at GMU Law School in Arlington. My wife and I were #27 and #28. Go Jaime! Go Theo! Go Janet!

Also interesting: 56% of Blue Virginia readers who voted in our poll think that Rob Krupicka will win the 30th State Senate district primary, while 40% say Adam Ebbin will pull it out. Only 4% believe that Libby Garvey will be the Democratic nominee in the 30th State Senate district.

In the 31st State Senate district, 54% of Blue Virginia readers who voted in our poll think that Jaime Areizaga-Soto will win today. The other 46% think that 31st district Democrats will make a huge mistake and nominate an extremely weak, flawed candidate, known for yelling at her constituents, taking money from the towing industry 5 days before voting to raise their rates, breaking her pledge not to take money from the real estate industry while serving on the Board, lying about her opponent (e.g., calling him a Republican who worked in the Bush Administration, both of which are utterly false), and being a gaffe machine (for a month or two, she called herself a “Supervisor” when there’s no Board of Supervisors in Arlington), etc.

UPDATE: Republicans are wondering and hoping, “Do they put Caren Merrick in the Senate by nominating Favola?”


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