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Jim Moran: “It Gets Better”


These “It Gets Better” video series continues to amaze me. Here’s Rep. Jim Moran’s powerful, moving contribution. Personally, I hope some day to live in a world where “It Gets Better” videos aren’t even necessary. To get to that point, unfortunately we’ll have to overcome a lot of bigoted, intolerant people out there, several of whom are Republican candidates for President of the United States. It’s very sad that in the year 2011 we’re still at this point, but for whatever reason, progress seems to take a lot of time, as people don’t give up their prejudices and ignorance easily. Some day, though, we’ll win; I just hope it’s sooner rather than later!  

  • pontoon

    Jim Moran.  

  • No longer will we subject the brave men and women who volunteer to serve our nation to a shameful vow of silence, asking them to lie about who they really are,” said Moran. “‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was wrong, it was un-American, and now it is history. Our nation and military are stronger as a result. I was proud to stand with members of Congress last year to vote down this wasteful, harmful policy.”

    Moran continued: “Institutionalized discrimination compromises the integrity of the entire military establishment and the flag under which it serves. By repealing this policy, our nation takes an important step forward. To all who serve our nation at home and abroad, we are so proud of each and every one of you.”

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    I maintain that at 1201 am last night,    

       It Got Better!

  • Will Radle

    Well said, well done.  Thank you, Jim.