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“Not One Candidate” at GOP Presidential Debates Stands Up to Hate


From cheering executions to screams for uninsured Americans to die, Republican presidential candidates have let their debate stages be stolen by hateful audience members. New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor recently editorialized, “The most disturbing aspect of the WrestleMania behavior at the debates is not that some audience members booed a soldier and many cheered death. It’s that not one Republican candidate … spoke up to admonish the crowd and call for civility. Not one candidate, in situations that cried out for it, exhibited leadership.”

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly passes along this new video from the Democratic National Committee highlighting the Republican candidates’ cowardly refusal to stand up to their party’s insane fringe:

  • Will Radle

    Most politicians are not leaders. They follow the crowd.  It takes courage to stand alone with your belief in what is right for our community and our nation.

    I am an experienced advocate for accessible, accountable government. People do not feel heard. Together we will create a culture of listening in Fairfax County.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Long ago the Republican Party made their pact with racists and haters in order to curry favor and votes. Nothing has changed. The only change has been the targets of the hate: immigrants, the unemployed, with inchoate racism kept hidden in code words and actions.

    Sadly, over the same period of time the reasonable and rational conservative voices in the GOP have been marginalized and demonized.

  • when you’re busy pandering to the haters and/or agree with them. Sadly, one or both of those are the case with the majority of 2012 Republican presidential contenders.

  • glennbear

    Although the electorate in general has a fairly short memory, when general election time comes I am sure the very large center will not easily forget the lunacy coming from the GOP as they pander to the lunatic fringe in the primaries.

  • commentator1

    I can visualize these candidates standing in the Berlin square as the mentally feeble, crippled, and misfits were rounded up and shot publically. They would have stood on the sidelines and silently approved as long as their supporters were cheering.