A Breath of Fresh Air


    I’ve noticed some positive blog chatter building about Courtney Lynch, and frankly it’s about time. Maybe I stole her campaign slogan there, but I’m glad to see people are starting to realize what an impressive and unique candidate she is. The woman is self made and fearless. Has some like her ever jumped into a race like the one she’s getting into? I think more people should. She’s exactly the kind of breath of fresh air Virginia needs. And most importantly, she’s smart and confident.. She leads with good ideas, relying on her own intelligence instead of the usual put downs.

    The info on her website is powerful and to the point. I don’t know who she has advising her, but they are certainly earning their money – everyone I’ve shown her white paper to is impressed. I love the fact that she crosses traditions party lines with her views. To me, that’s a sign of her integrity and dedication to her values. What we need right now is someone who is willing to take a stand on the issues.

    I’m not sure anyone has noticed that she’s the only pro-choice candidate in the race. I’m sure I’m not the only pro-choice woman in Virginia. I love her position on the war and the building of jobs in the economy. She has combined the brightest and most reasonable of ideas from both sides of party lines to create a platform that promises real and deliberate change.

    It’s easy to focus on the magnitude of a newcomer facing a 17-year political veteran, in a Senate race no less. I say we shouldn’t be distracted by that. Lynch is an amazing candidate, and I have no doubts she could beat George Allen in a general election. This woman has grit, substance, intelligence, and she’s a fresh face for voters who are sick of seeing the same faces (and the same ideas) on the Virginia political scene. Take a look at Courtney Lynch. She’s the political leader Virginia has been waiting for.