LCRC Stands for “Lunatic County Rage Committee?”


    Loudoun Insider of the “Too Conservative” blog explains why the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) should be called the Lunatic County Rage Committee.  Just a few reasons include:

    *”Republican Supervisor and party leader Eugene Delgaudio sending out the image above of a crime scene style graphic of a running pool of rainbow blood and a bloody hand print on a door.”

    *”LCRC party elder Dick Black saying he can’t understand how you can rape a woman when ‘she’s in a nightie’.”

    *”…the recent firestorm over the LCRC sending out an official party communique with an image of President Barack Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead.”

    On and on it goes. Now, I just wish there was a “Prince William Insider” to do the same thing for the county of Corey Stewart and his lunatic band of right-wing ragemeisters.

    • Jim B

      A column in the Wash Post is pretty much predicting a take over of the state by these lunatics. Says independents are turning against democrats. If independents are going for these people they truly must have something missing.

    • Al Nevarez

      It really is time to put an end to this ugly brand of politics. I’ve talked to thousands of voters over the past couple of months and even former supporters of Eugene Delgaudio are ready to kick him out.

      We could really use some help over the next couple of days getting the vote out. We’re neck and neck among the “likely voter” universe, and if we can turn out a fraction of the many infrequent voters we’ve canvassed we’re going to win.

      We have a caravan coming from DC Saturday morning and would be happy to stop on the way up in Arlington or Fairfax. Please send me an email at if you can help!

      Al Nevarez

      For Loudoun Supervisor, Sterling District


    • Dick Black saying he can’t understand how you can rape a woman when “she’s in a nightie.”

      The man has obviously not lived in a co’ed dorm.