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Some Virginia Democrats Push Back on Kaine’s “Congratulations”


There’s a spirited debate going on at Tim Kaine’s Facebook wall right now, with some commenters pushing back on his seemingly rose-colored post, “Congratulations to Democratic candidates across the Commonwealth. Voter turn-out made the difference in key races!”


  • technically it’s true.  Voter turnout does make the difference.  Only problem is that in too many races, it didn’t make the difference IN OUR FAVOR.

  • Eileen Levandoski

    I’m still miffed at him over his drilling statement yesterday.  


    guess he’s a “glass half full” guy.

  • NWVirginian

    Nothing wrong with giving congratulations to Democrats across the Commonwealth. Edwards, Puckett, Favola, Northam… Also some key wins in Henrico County. Voter turnout did make a difference in those key races.

    It’s not like he claimed wholesale Democratic victory – just congrats to those Dems who DID win.

  • totallynext

    This was because of several reason.   While we thought some of the districts were safe dem seats they were contested…   We had to work to get people out!   That is a huge benefit for future elections.   Getting people to engage in off year state and local contests.  

    Your not gonna get your dem voters engaged even in more conservative districts until you give them a choice with candidate and support!  Why would anyone go to the polls when there is no candidate that represents their positions.