Is this for real?


    So now I can get a free bumper sticker that reads “TK4VA.”

    Excuse me but WTF is that supposed to mean?

    I see — “TK4VA” means “Tim Kaine for Virginia.”

    Why not a bumper sticker that reads “Tim Kaine for Virginia?”

    How much did someone pay a PR company to come up with “TK4VA?”  

    I showed the phrase “TK4VA” to five friends today and asked each of them — all Democrats, all with graduate degrees — what it means.  Not a one had a clue.

    Say hello to Senator Allen.

    Now I’m off to bang my head into my desk over and over and over.

    • Isaac Sarver

      that read Kaine for Senate in addition to the ones you note.. The TK4VA is just an appeal to younger voters, and a way to get folks who aren’t sure what it means to take a second glance at the acronym and be forced to think about it.