A reckoning — but for whom?


    In Sunday’s Washington Post Robert McCartney pretty much nails the challenge to Virginia Republicans and Democrats by Ken Kookynelly’s announcement that he saw the next governor in the mirror this morning.

    McCartney’s article is at this link:


    And here is the opening paragraph:

    It’s been a while coming, but the reckoning has arrived for the Virginia Republican Party. It takes the form of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s back-stabbing decision to challenge Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling for the 2013 governor’s nomination. It promises to last 18 months, as the tea party and establishment wings battle for supremacy.

    The principal winners should be the Democrats – – –

    Got that?  “The principal winners should be the Democrats” — Virginia Democrats can now sit back and watch the VA GOP implode.

    Oh, but wait a minute — McCartney continues:

    The principal winners should be the Democrats – but only if they manage to take advantage of the GOP rift. They’ve looked pretty hapless in losing three straight elections in the commonwealth.

    And there you have it, folks.  The VA GOP is poised to split between the Bolling and Kookynelly camps — and the DPVA is in no position to exploit the split as shown by our proving to be “. . . hapless in losing three straight elections in the commonwealth.”

    Anyone in DPVA listening?


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