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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, December 26.

*Gingrich likens his Virginia failure to Pearl Harbor (Crazy, egomaniacal, disrespectful to those who died at Pearl Harbor…that’s Newt Gingrich for you!)

*Gingrich faces long odds to compete in Virginia presidential primary

*Long-awaited pollution controls

*Va. election, uranium’s future among the top political, government stories of 2012

*Child mental health services underfunded, Va. study says

*Editorial: Track each lawmaker’s voting record (“The House of Delegates has embraced legislative transparency. The Senate should follow suit.”)

*Editorial: Handgun restrictions may top GOP hit list (“The 1993 state law limiting individuals to the purchase of one handgun per month had bipartisan support, but it may face a challenge in 2012.”)

*Lean economic times bring surge in free school lunches in region

*Ups and downs for Hampton Roads transportation in 2011

*Stories pour from Virginia pub owner at Ireland’s Own

*No rest for the weary as post-Christmas rush to stores begins anew

*Forecast: Sunny Boxing day, Tuesday torrent, then tranquil

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