My Choice: Melissa Bondi


    I am a steadfast and enthusiastic supporter of Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board. More than anyone else in the race, she is the one who takes the time to listen to the community and really understand the issues — not just at a surface level but in every painstaking nuance.  

    Of all the candidates, she has spent the most time in the trenches on county issues from affordable housing to smart growth and development to neighborhood preservation. She chaired the Housing Commission at a critical time for affordable housing. She’s serves on the Economic Development Commission and has been a Civic Association President. She has a long record of community service.

    These aren’t just titles. Ask the people who have served with her. Every process that she has participated in has benefited from her clear-headed, inclusive, deliberative leadership. Outcomes are simply better when Melissa is involved, because she makes sure that the process is the best that it can be, and creates an environment in which people feel valued and willing to put ideas on the table.  

    She is a thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and smart person who loves Arlington deeply. She is fresh voice from a new generation who is prepared to move Arlington forward. All Arlingtonians will benefit from her leadership on the County Board.  

    There’s a lot more I could say, but I’m going to post separately a letter Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman sent today. It says everything I might, and more, about why we need Melissa Bondi on the Arlington County Board. Please read it.

    I strongly urge you to vote Melissa Bondi on Thursday or Saturday.  

    • charleyconrad

      Melissa is a friend, and a friend of the causes I hold near and dear.  To hear her in the debates and candidate forums only adds to why I know she will be a strong and effective member of the Arlington County Board.  

    • independent in arlington


      Those who know Ms. Bondi – including two personal friends – speak very, very highly of her.  However, as you know, a number of tax-related allegations have been leveled against her recently.

      Of all of the information which has come out in the last week regarding Ms. Bondi’s tax issues, the only one which I find potentially disqualifying is the allegation that she had a car in Arlington from 2006-2008 which was registered in Ohio and was not made subject to Arlington’s personal property tax.  Do you know what the facts are with regards to this situation?  Did she believe the car was not subject to PPT?  (Maybe it wasn’t?)  Or did she actually pay the PPT?  Or is there some other explanation?

      Based on what has been reported, it appears as though Ms. Bondi may have made a deliberate decision to evade the PPT.  While that wouldn’t make her unique in Arlington, it would be very troubling in a County Board member, particularly when there are other seemingly excellent candidates.  Can you shed any light on the truth here?

    • Peter Rousselot

      From 2006 to 2010, I served as Chair of the Arlington County Democratic Committee. Based on my service as Chair, and my 12 years of experience as a Democratic activist in Arlington, I am very familiar with all five candidates who are seeking the Democratic nomination for County Board.

      I support Kim Klinger for this nomination.

      Kim is committed to our community and will bring a unique perspective as a volunteer fire fighter, health care advocate, and senior manager at a consulting firm.

      I believe we need a new,independent Democratic voice who won’t rubber stamp current proposals, but rather begin conversations by listening to the community. For example, Kim is prepared to vote to fast-track a solution to our schools capacity issue–even if that means delaying action on, or even cancelling, other expensive capital projects.

      Because I believe Kim is the best of 5 very good candidates, I will be voting for Kim in the Democratic caucus.