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Tim Kaine Blasts Republican Budget (and George Allen) as “fiscally irresponsible and lopsided”


I’ve had plenty of disagreements with Tim Kaine, but I’m with him 100% on this one!


Richmond, VA – As the budget proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan proceeds to a full vote of the U.S. House of Representatives, Governor Tim Kaine released the following statement today:

The budget proposed by House Republicans and Congressman Ryan this week is a fiscally irresponsible and lopsided approach that increases tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while making hundreds of billions in cuts to the Medicare program that provides vital health care to our seniors. This plan starts us down the dangerous road to Medicare privatization by forcing seniors into the private insurance market without taking actions to control skyrocketing health care expenses. The cuts to health care programs will increase out of pocket costs for seniors and shift the burden onto our strapped state budgets and emergency rooms.

“Unfortunately, George Allen supports many elements of this plan like taxpayer giveaways to oil and gas companies, reducing investments in clean energy, and has backed proposals that make deep cuts to Medicare. This is not a ‘constructive plan’ as George Allen said about Congressman Ryan’s last proposal; it is an effort that would dramatically alter a vital program for our seniors and lead to more expensive health care for older Americans.

“Budgets are about priorities and this plan jeopardizes our economic recovery by neglecting infrastructure, education, and clean energy that will strengthen our economy. Instead of gutting strategic investments, I’ve advocated a balanced approach that will provide the resources we need to create jobs and build a solid foundation for future growth.The all cuts approach that this budget enshrines and that George Allen has advocated is bad for business, bad for Virginia and other state budgets across the nation, and bad for our senior citizens and future retirees.”

  • Good morning —

    Every day, you and your family make choices about how you spend your money and what investments you make. Leaders in Congress do the same thing when they draw up their budgets for the country. And if you spend some time with their plans, you learn what they value, you see the type of country they want America to be.

    So when Congressman Paul Ryan put out a new budget for the House Republicans this week, we spent some time with it. We took a careful look and did the math.

    Here’s what we learned.

    Republicans in Washington want to give millionaires and billionaires an average tax break of at least $150,000. They want to pay for those tax cuts by slashing programs that create jobs and protect our children, our seniors, and the veterans who have fought for the country. They want to end Medicare as we know it. And they want to undercut our economic strength by rolling back key investments in education, research, and our nation’s roads and bridges.

    President Obama believes we need to live within our means and that’s why he put forward a balanced plan that reduces the deficit by more than $4 trillion. But the plan put forward by the GOP fails that test of balance.

    To show you what we mean, we’ve put together an infographic that breaks out the kinds of priorities we’d have to give up for the $150,000 tax break that Republicans want to give to the nation’s millionaires and billionaires.

    Check it out below and forward this message to your friends.

    The more people who share it, the more folks will understand what’s at stake and how we can do better for the middle class.



    David Plouffe

    Senior Advisor to the President