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Why Ms. Fluke should reconsider and accept Limbaugh’s apology


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerby Paul Goldman

While no can prove Mr. Limbaugh’s apology is sincere, he says it was. He didn’t gave it in person or over the telephone, so that is something to put into the final equation. True, he is in Florida, but he knew that when making those comments. On the other hand, giving his location, an in-person apology might not have been required although surely preferable. But it was in writing, so that’s is something too.

Yet all this misses the larger point: Ms. Fluke is a symbol of a “we” thing, she has become a celebrity not for doing anything particularly great in terms of a personal achievement, but rather due to what El Rusho said about her as a symbol of women, which led to the President’s phone call and the rest, as they say, is history.

She stood up for her beliefs and that of others: this is a good thing, and we all have to admire that and applaud it.  

But the issue isn’t her per se: again, El Rusho and others were using her to throw a bigger punch.

I have been in that position in a way on a far smaller scale although for an equally important cause at least to me.

My conclusion: You can’t take it personally because what they are saying about you is about a lot more than you, it just so happens you are the convenient target. .

So I ask: What is better for those whose struggle you are the tribune for, dismissing the apology, or accepting it?


My conclusion was then and is now: You have to accept it unless it is self-evidently insincere and even then, you might have to anyway because it is not about you as much as it may seem that way.

Why? I think Dr. King said it best, I can’t remember the words, but it was along the lines of Abraham Lincoln’s “With malice towards none and charity for all.”

JFK put it this way: Forgive, but never forget. His was more political though.

As I understand their position, they didn’t want to reduce themselves to the name caller’s level because if you do, you might feel good, but you cause loses  in the process.

With all due respect to Ms. Fluke, I see no downside in accepting Mr. Limbaugh apology. Perhaps she is right, it is being offered due to pressure from sponsors or fear of more leaving his radio empire.

But she can’t be sure. And even then: He still comes out the smaller person.

Bottom line: Ms. Fluke raises her stature, and that of  all women who suffer from the El Rushos of the world by something El Rusho doesn’t expect, indeed doesn’t really want, which is her being the bigger person and accepting his apology without conditions.

Frankly, I think by accepting the apology, Ms. Fluke “kills him with kindness”, and totally knocks El Rusho and his posse off their game far worse than dismissing it condescendingly.

  • apology at all, just an “uh oh my advertisers are ditching me I’d better say something fast” non-apology.  How can someone accept a phony non-apology from a sociopathic, lying thug?

  • aznew

    Rush apologized for calling her some bad words, but he savaged her for three days on his radio show.

    The issue here is not just what Rush said, in my view, but the relative positions of power he and Ms. Fluke occupy in our political discourse. He is attempting to use his considerable power to bully and intimidate a citizen into shutting up.

    He certainly has a legal right to do so, but just having the right doesn’t make it right, as the saying goes. Sure, he apologized, but for the wrong thing.

    It like spmeone breaks into your house, hits you and steals your money, then wants to get off the hook by apologizing for smashing your window when he broke in.

  • aznew

    Check out this video put together over at DK:


    Ms. Fluke apparently has said she doesn’t want  Limbaugh to call her with an apology, and after listening to this (I could only make it through about 2 minutes before turning it off in disgust), I don’t blame her.

    It would be one thing if it was simply a matter of him calling her a bad name or two as he contends, but he kept a level of sustained and savage abuse on her for three days that is beyond the pale.

  • He needs to apologize – for REAL, not some phony baloney false “apology” – at least 53 times as well. So far, I count zero, or maybe 1/2 if you want to be generuos, leaving 52 1/2 or 53 to go. Nice start, Rush!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Limbaugh wasn’t apologizing. He was conducting “damage control” because his bottom line was being impacted. Limbaugh is a sociopath who only cares about his own interests. No one need explain why anyone who has been insulted by that buffoon needs to accept their fake “apology.”

  • pol

    It’s great seeing Rushbo raked over the coals every night in the nightly news…  He needs to be revealed for the jerk he is.  Why, though, am I amazed that ABC, NBC and CBS are giving this so much attention?  

  • pvogel

    Its like he Raped her, and expects to     not pay the consequences by saying hes sorry.       He must pay, and pay dearly

  • Quizzical

    Don Imus got fired by CBS for something similar.


  • Pain

    I ran across this during my morning web browsing and thought it relevant:


  • JingoBelle

    I don’t quite agree with Goldman’s reasoning as to why Ms. Fluke should accept that person’s apology. It was such a giant passive-agressive non-apology. But if she were accept the apology in the same way, it would be delicious!

    Personally, I hope she sues the Oxycontin out of his sorry hide and wins. There’s plenty of evidence for defamation of character. This ugly chapter will follow her for the rest of her life and I hope she can turn it around and make it work to her advantage.

    (first time commentor. be gentle…please?)

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Rush apologized is his sponsors began to cut and run.  So, sincerity?  I do not think so.  Therefore, no apology.

  • that if I were in Ms. Fluke’s position, I would accept the apology.  Not because it is sincere (it isn’t) and not because he has changed his mind (he hasn’t) and not because he deserves kindness (he’s certainly doesn’t) but because that is how I choose to live my life.  It may be stupid, naive, cunning or crafty, but making decisions like this one are the way I keep doing what I’m doing.

    Because of course, accepting the apology has nothing to do with her changing her message or her mission in any way, shape, or form.  Which she is doing a great job making known, and I hope she continues fighting.