New GPS ad leaves out crucial fact: U.S. debt largely a legacy of Bush II’s presidency


    As a new political ad entitled “Basketball” begins airing today in Virginia by conservative “issue-advocacy” group Crossroads GPS, the outside group began spinning its negative web of misinformation throughout Virginia about President Obama and his record.  

    Never one to shy away from fiction in order to achieve his political goals, Karl Rove’s new Crossroads GPS television ad shows a mother who noticeably ages stating that she voted for Obama in 2008 but “Now Obama wants more spending and taxes. That won’t fix things.”

    The ad goes on to urge viewers to “tell President Obama to cut the job-killing debt,” a debt which is largely the legacy of the last Bush administration under which Rove served. In fact, during Bush II’s tenure as president, the debt was increased by $6.4 trillion, an increase in the debt that President Obama has not come close to.

    But to Karl Rove and his Crossroads GPS, facts are mere play things that can be molded to turn public opinion this way or that, not concrete figures that dig deeper towards the truth.  

    For the Karl Rove’s of the world, their primary motivation is leaving a trail, a legacy, of “genius” behind for the world to remember hundreds of years into the future. Rove wants immediate political victories now because he wants to further his own image as the genius that the Republican Party cannot live without and the individual who changed the course of American politics. The consequences and collateral damage be damned.  

    But Americans of all political stripes don’t like to be lied to or manipulated in the way that Crossroads GPS attempts to do in its new ad.

    Some Virginians may not like President Obama’s policies, but they also don’t like outside groups fabricating and blatantly exaggerating facts and events.  

    • kindler

      Rove is a big advocate of the marketing technique of sticking to a simple message and repeating it endlessly — even if it’s blatantly untrue. The message is austerity and less government to restrain corporations.

      Now for reality, take a look at how austerity policies are leading Europe back into recession — just as they worked when Herbert Hoover tried them.

      I disagree, though, that Rove’s main motivation is to show his genius — sure he does, but absolute loyalty to corporate America yields many additional lucrative benefits.  

    • kindler

      …in this ad is how they show the contrast between the younger version of the Mom (fresh from the enliving years of Dubya) with the older, grayer, more worn out version (after 4 years of Obama).

      I guess their tactic to get the womens’ vote is to convince the gals subconciously that Obama made them older and less attractive!