Colin Powell Rips Mitt’s Foreign Policy Idiocy: “How could you say that? Look at the world…”


    Colin Powell rips into Willard’s stable of neoconservative, trigger-happy foreign policy advisors as “quite far to the right,” and singles out Willard’s idiotic comment that Russia’s our “number one geostrategic threat” as particular knuckle-headed.  As Gen. Powell puts it, “Well, come on, Mitt, think. That isn’t the case.” Of course, we could say that about “Mitt” on any number of subjects, but one thing’s almost certain: if this guy becomes president, U.S. foreign policy will go downhill rapidly.

    • Peter Rousselot

      In this particular segment, Colin Powell deftly shows why Mitt Romney is so far over his head on foreign and defense policy and that Mitt is clueless about what he doesn’t know. He has surrounded himself with foreign policy advisers whose philosophy is the same one that got us into Iraq.