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New Poll: Americans Aren’t Undecided on Inhofe Polluter Bill – They Hate It


UPDATE 11:58am: Warner & Webb voted with Sen. Inhofe. Disgraceful. Fortunately, 53 other senators stood up for public health & killed the bill.

Stink EyeNot only is Sen. Jim Inhofe’s bill to block new Environmental Protection Agency mercury standards horrible public policy that would kill a lot of people, a new United Technologies/National Journal poll finds it’s wildly unpopular with voters:

A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll finds that 57 percent of the public supports a recently-finalized Environmental Protection Agency rule controlling mercury and other toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants as long as companies are given more time to comply.

The poll found that a similar majority-55 percent-thinks EPA should be able to control greenhouse-gas emissions that most scientists agree cause climate change. Just slightly more than one-third of the public-36 percent-said Congress should stop EPA from such regulation. A federal court is expected to rule soon on whether the agency is within its right to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions.

The poll’s findings put a majority of Americans out of step with Senate Environment and Public Works Committee ranking member James Inhofe, R-Okla., who is sponsoring a measure coming up for a vote on Wednesday that would nullify EPA’s mercury rule entirely. Just under 20 percent of survey respondents said the Senate should vote to uphold the rule as it stands now, while only 14 percent said the Senate should vote to get rid of it

Again, I’d ask Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb: This is a hard call? Really? Which part is a tough call, the part where it lets corporate polluters profit by treating America’s air and water like an open sewer? The part where people with asthma die? Or the part where it’s incredibly bad politics?

  • Tom

    If Warner decided to for gov. in 2013 (highly unlikely, I believe) he wouldn’t get any support from me. He also gets no support from me when he tries again in 2016 for the Dem. Pres. nomination.

    What is wrong with these two DINOs ? They are both disgusting on this vote.  

  • Senators Webb and Warner Side With Big Polluters and Against Clean Air, Voting For Toxic Legislation

    ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb sided with big polluters and against the health of Virginia families by voting for Senator James Inhofe’s dangerous legislation to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recently finalized Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants. However, no thanks to Webb and Warner, the Senate rejected the measure. Had it passed, Inhofe’s legislation would not only bar the implementation of these new safeguards, but would also prevent the EPA from ever issuing similar standards to protect Virginia families from toxic mercury in the future.

    Today, Senators Webb and Warner turned their backs on the health and well-being of Virginia children,” said Glen Besa, Chapter Director for the Virginia Sierra Club. “While a vast majority of Americans support these common sense safeguards to keep toxic pollution out of the air we breathe and the water we drink, Webb and Warner instead have put the reckless agenda and boundless profits of big polluters before Virginia families.”

    Mercury is a potent brain poison that threatens babies and young children, and is linked to severe learning disabilities, developmental problems, and lower IQ. This rule would prevent as many as 11,000 premature deaths, 4,700 heart attacks, 130,000 asthma attacks, and 540,000 missed work days. Additionally, the rule makes economic sense — for every dollar spent cleaning up dirty power plants, Americans are estimated to receive between $3 and $9 in health benefits in return. In total, that means as much as $90 billion in health savings each year.  

    Coal-fired power plants are the largest industrial source of mercury pollution.The new landmark protections issued by the Obama Administration in December 2011 will cut toxic mercury pollution from dirty power plants by 90 percent.

    “America should be at the forefront of public health and environmental protections, not subjected to polluters and their allies in Congress attempting to overturn landmark toxic safeguards,” said Besa. “Thankfully, the majority of the Senate ignored Webb and Warner and listened to the American people by voting in favor of clean air and healthy children.”

  • Progressive

    What happened, did they get into some bad kool aid?

  • kindler

    People who care about clean air and water, with stable energy supplies and clmate, need to make these folks feel PAIN every time they sell out the environment for contributions from Dominion and Big Coal.

    Call them up, email them, and give them hell — especially Mark Warner, who hopes to have a political future in the Democratic party, somehow.