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Report: Redskins Moving Training Camp to Richmond


Rookie3This just in from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

The Washington Redskins will move their summer training camp to the city of Richmond in 2013, at a site not yet selected.

A source close to the discussions said the site will be within the city limits and not in the surrounding counties.

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office is expected to announce the move this morning.

The team is also expected to recommit to keeping its corporate headquarters and practice facility in Loudoun County.

Are you excited for Richmond, or do you think Loudoun’s getting screwed?

  • Governor McDonnell Announces Redskins to Retain Headquarters in Virginia and Expand Training Facility; Plans Under Way to Relocate Summer Training Camp to Richmond; Team to Continue Significant Investment in Loudoun County

    RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that the Washington Redskins will retain its corporate headquarters in the Commonwealth and will continue its investment to expand and improve the training facility in Loudoun County. In addition, the Redskins will begin working with the City of Richmond to identify a suitable training camp site to hold summer practice in Richmond, starting in 2013.

    The Washington Redskins are the only national sports franchise based in Virginia, and the team has a major economic impact on the Commonwealth. Recent data shows that the team supports 1,832 jobs in the state, directly and indirectly. The squad generates nearly $200 million in economic activity in Virginia and over $100 million annually in player salaries, and provides $9.8 million annually in state and local tax revenue. Expansion of the training facility is estimated to support 393 jobs during construction, while generating $52.8 million in total economic activity. The existing corporate headquarters supports, directly and indirectly, 350 jobs and provides $2.2 million in state and local tax revenue, not including the corporate income tax paid by the team. The headquarters is visited by 20,000 individuals a year who spend approximately $3.4 million on goods and services during their visits.

    Speaking about Virginia’s successful effort to retain Redskins corporate headquarters, and the accompanying expansion of the team’s training facility, as well as the Redskins decision to further the team’s relationship with the Commonwealth by making plans to relocate its annual summer training camp to Richmond starting in 2013, Governor McDonnell noted, “Virginia considers the Redskins our team. The team is based here. The team trains here. The players live here. Virginians root for the Redskins on the field, and off the field the team contributes greatly to the economy and culture of the Commonwealth. Virginia is committed to keeping the Redskins right here in our state for years to come, and today we’ve taken a significant step towards accomplishing that goal. This is a positive and exciting development for football fans from Loudoun County to Richmond to Virginia Beach. It will mean more jobs in our state, and more revenue for state and local coffers. More than anything, it means Virginia will remain ‘Redskins Country.’ In the years ahead I look forward to visiting the new expanded training facility in Loudoun County, and watching the team practice right here in our state capital of Richmond.”

    Bruce Allen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of The Washington Redskins, stated, “During the last two years the Washington Redskins have made significant improvements to modernize FedEx Field and Redskins Park, ensuring a best-in-class game day experience for our fans and an excellent training environment for our players.  We are very pleased to continue our relationship with the Commonwealth of Virginia that my father established 41 years ago.  We are proud to call Loudoun County the home of Redskins Park.  In conjunction with the governor’s office and the City of Richmond, we also look forward to finding a great summer training camp facility in the city for both our team and our fans to enjoy.”

    Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott K. York said retaining the Redskins has been a top priority for the current board. “The fact that the team chose to stay in Loudoun County, even when courted by other neighboring jurisdictions, proves that Loudoun is a premier destination for business in the Washington metropolitan area. We are all very excited to work with the Redskins to bring more business and tourism to Loudoun.”

    Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn M. Williams said he is thrilled Loudoun County and the Broad Run district will continue to be the corporate home of the Washington Redskins.  “All Loudoun can take pride in being the home to this storied NFL franchise. They are a valuable member of the community and their ongoing commitment to the county sends a clear message that Loudoun is open for business.”

    Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones commented, “The Washington Redskins bringing their summer training camp to Richmond is beyond exciting. This will have a great economic impact for Richmond and the region! I thank the owners and senior executives of the Redskins for their ongoing work with us to determine the right facilities to meet the team’s needs. I thank Governor McDonnell for his leadership. Hail to the Redskins!”

    Governor McDonnell approved a $4 million performance-based grant to support the retention and expansion.  The City of Richmond is considering a number of locations for Redskins summer practice and will make further announcements regarding that process in the days and weeks ahead. Governor McDonnell will join Redskins officials on Aug. 4th to further celebrate today’s announcement. Details will be released closer to the date of the event.

  • Teddy Goodson

    These are two blows to our local economy (and housing market, for that matter)… and add to that the probable reduction in defense spending as austerity is implemented. On the other hand, maybe the Redskins’ performance will improve. Who knows?

  • glennbear

    ” The squad generates nearly $200 million in economic activity in Virginia and over $100 million annually in player salaries, and provides $9.8 million annually in state and local tax revenue. ”

    “Governor McDonnell approved a $4 million performance-based grant to support the retention and expansion.”

    So Bobby gives back 1/2 of the tax revenue. Do I smell campaign money ?

  • I’m so glad that the Republicans mostly swept Loudoun County government last election and are able to work with the Republican governor to make the county a better, more prosperous place where people will want to live…..oh wait…….