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T-Bob #FAIL: Virginia GDP Growth in 2011 Lower than MD, NC, TN, WV, KY, etc.


Great job by “Bob’s for Jobs,” huh? That’s right, in 2011, Virginia’s real GDP growth ranked #40 in the country, behind neighboring states like Maryland (#30), North Carolina (#15), Tennessee (#13), Kentucky (#34), and West Virginia (#3). That’s even with the fact that Virginia was a disproportionate recipient of federal largesse, thanks to its proximity to the nation’s capital and its large federal civilian and military population. Great job, T-Bob!

P.S. In other news, Virginia received an “F” grade, finishing #46 among the states in terms of the State Integrity Investigation’s results for the political financing category. Once again, heckuva job, Bob!

  • ir003436

    If any BlueVirginians are paying attention:  Copy, plagiarize, shamelessly steal lowkell’s article and convert it into a letter to your local newspapers.

    In your letter, you need to point out that your state senator and delegate campaigned on jobs and the economy.  Remind everyone that McDonnell promised to be “the jobs governor.”

    Then, cite the facts in lowkell’s article.  Include a link to the source document.

    If you wanted to be a real smartass, you could say something like, well, we really can’t blame them because it must be tough to focus on jobs and the economy when you need to deal with pressing issues such as denying women access to health care; restricting access to voting by minorities, elderly, poor, and young; denying qualified prosecutors a judgeship; breaking up labor unions; and, trying to fire teachers.

    So — get busy with those letters and report back when yours is in the mail.