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George Allen Blows Off Hampton Roads, NOVA Exurbs, Richmond, Southside, SWVA…


So far, the Kaine campaign has agreed to debate in the following places in Virginia: Arlington, Ashland, Blacksburg, Fredericksburg, McLean, Midlothian, Norfolk, Richmond, Southside. My understanding is that the Kaine people also were in talks with a number of other venues for debates, including at least one in Southwest Virginia.

Now, here are the places in Virginia where the Allen campaign’s agreed to debate: Blacksburg, McLean, Midlothian. Notice a few that are missing there? That’s right: the entire Hampton Roads region, the NOVA exurbs (e.g., Fredericksburg), Richmond, Southside Virginia, and Southwest Virginia. Basically, Allen gave the middle finger to all those parts of our state. Nice, huh?

So, what does all this tell us about Tim Kaine? Several things, all good: 1) he’s not afraid to debate George Allen, anytime anywhere; 2) he wants the maximum number of Virginians to hear what he and George Allen, standing next to each other, have to say, so they can compare and contrast; and 3) he wants to debate all over the state, so no region is left out.

What does this tell us about George Allen? Several things, all bad: 1) he’s terrified to debate Tim Kaine, not surprising given his horrendous record voting 96% of the time with George W. Bush (two unpaid-for wars, one unpaid-for new entitlement, huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, exploding the debt, etc.) and also the fact that Kaine keeps kicking his sorry butt every time they DO share a stage; 2) he wants the minimum number of Virginians (that he can get away with) to hear what he and Tim Kaine, standing next to each other, have to say, so they can compare and contrast (of course, on the 6th anniversary of the “macaca” incident, it’s no wonder; you never know what crazy s*** will come out of Allen’s mouth when he opens it); and 3) he clearly does NOT want to debate all over the state, specifically blowing off Fredericksburg/NOVA exurbs, Norfolk/Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Southside.

So, Virginia, who would you rather have representing you in the Senate? Someone who hides from the people of Virginia, as George Allen does, or someone who is happy to discuss and debate the issues anytime, anywhere? And no, that is NOT a trick question. 🙂

  • glennbear

    Given that people of Allen’s ilk allegedly have strong support down here one cannot help but wonder why a debate down here is not acceptable. Perhaps because of fear that hearing Kaine’s views in person instead of via the GOP spin machine will cause rural Virginians to reconsider.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    After that disaster of a closed-door debate that even GOP-leaning Tom Denton said Kaine won, I guess Georgie is running scared.

  • … and seeing what you saw (but without the vitriol and perjorativeness).

    Allen and Kaine both have great debate strategies in this race.

    Allen isn’t as good and slick as Tim Kaine is on the stage. He knows that will go against him, and Kaine knows it would go for him.  Allen can take some of Kaine’s votes away by pointing at him and saying “LIBERAL!” Kaine knows that and wants to avoid that. Allen has already won Southside & Southwest Virginia and there’s no need to spend political time & effort to do much more there. Kaine needs more debates to level that playing field and Allen isn’t going to do it. I’m highly disappointed in that move but I objectively understand it’s the right move for his campaign.

    And sadly, most of the voters are too damned stupid to actually sit and watch a 60 minute debate and make a rational decision based on the issues. They’d rather be force-fed 30 second political commercials that grossly distort the truth about the opponent and then make their decision based on the “D” or “R” after the candidate’s name on the ballot. That’s the most depressing thing I’ve written in a long time, but it’s true.