Latest Willard Ad Heads Straight to the “Racist Sewer of Our Politics”


    I really have nothing more to add to this, except my utter revulsion at this lying, disgusting ad by the slime of U.S. politics, aka “the Romney campaign.” Oh, ok, I’ll add one thing: that anyone who gives money to the Romney campaign, or supports it in any way, is partly complicit in this “racist sewer.”

    Over the weekend, I wrote that Willard Romney, once my governor and onetime human being, had surrendered what was left of his soul to the base of his party by choosing a zombie-eyed granny starver for his vice-president. Little did I know that, three days later, Willard would go diving into the deepest, oldest, foulest sewer in American politics to retrieve the blackened shards of Strom Thurmond’s soul for a replacement.

    There is nothing for it now but than to say, flat-out, that Willard Romney has decided that the only way he can become president is to become a racist and to appeal to the racist base of his party. This is the second ad in as many weeks centered on the general theme of The Negro President Wants To Give Your Money To The Black People Like Him…