Latest Willard Ad Heads Straight to the “Racist Sewer of Our Politics”


    I really have nothing more to add to this, except my utter revulsion at this lying, disgusting ad by the slime of U.S. politics, aka “the Romney campaign.” Oh, ok, I’ll add one thing: that anyone who gives money to the Romney campaign, or supports it in any way, is partly complicit in this “racist sewer.”

    Over the weekend, I wrote that Willard Romney, once my governor and onetime human being, had surrendered what was left of his soul to the base of his party by choosing a zombie-eyed granny starver for his vice-president. Little did I know that, three days later, Willard would go diving into the deepest, oldest, foulest sewer in American politics to retrieve the blackened shards of Strom Thurmond’s soul for a replacement.

    There is nothing for it now but than to say, flat-out, that Willard Romney has decided that the only way he can become president is to become a racist and to appeal to the racist base of his party. This is the second ad in as many weeks centered on the general theme of The Negro President Wants To Give Your Money To The Black People Like Him…

    • The Richmonder

      “McDonnell said the Obama administration is  “unwinding” welfare-to-work requirements.

      But a new Obama program does not end welfare-to-work mandates. To the contrary, it strengthens the requirements by granting waivers to states seeking to make the work requirements more successful. The waivers would be granted to pilot programs that are individually evaluated; HHS is not proposing a blanket national change to welfare law.

      We rate McDonnell’s statement False.”

      If you’re a Republican and the RTD calls you a liar, well, you’re a liar my friend.

    • Digby explains:

      Notice that he smoothly uses the term “catch and release” and when a constituent objects, asking whether he’s “talking about fish or human beings”, and his wingnut fans explode, he deftly turns it into a lecture about civility. And then uses the term again, along with the other loaded phrase “anchor babies”, which his fan had said were “dropped” rather than born.

      This guy is good at navigating these shoals, but there’s no doubt which tribe he identifies with. It’s the gift of a talented dog whistler.

    • Bumble Bee

      At last you begin to open your eyes.  Racism is a powerful motivator in many southern rural communities.  It is a card that has been played well by the Republicans with their Southern Strategy.  It explains the massive shift away from the Democratic(Dixiecrat)party in the south to the Republican party that began in 1964-65 with the Civil Rights legislation.  Now the “Solid South” is no longer Democratic but Republican.  It explains why Democrats, no matter their race will lose in most rural southern jurisdictions because they represent the party of Civil Rights.  It also explains why, in my particular county, we never garner more than 20% of the white vote.  Hopefully it will die out or be defeated by changing demographics.

    • Teddy Goodson

      comes across beautifully in this exchange. What I want to know, however, is: are the former Marine’s comments all true? Does the local school district in Deming, N.M., actually send busses to the border and transport children to American schools, feed them, educate them, and return them at night back into Mexico? If so, no wonder the locals are upset, I agree, the tenor of the remarks are racist, also, well modulated class warfare as well… but, there is an issue here besides racism, and slapdash painting over it all as being simply raciust is to ignore the other, very real problem nagging at the locals. I’ve lived in Arizona, 40 miles north of ambos Nogales, and believe me, there is a problem… nothing is a simple as it seems.