The UN is Coming, the UN is coming! Don your tinfoil hats and vote for HJR 654.


    (FYI, this lunacy is coming up on the Virginia Senate floor today, so make sure you call your Senator! – promoted by lowkell)

    “The UN is Coming, the UN is coming! Don your tinfoil hats and vote for HJR 654, by Delegates Lingamfelter, Hodges, O’Quinn and Peace.

    RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly recognize the need to oppose United Nations Agenda 21 due to its radical plan of purported “sustainable development,” and that the General Assembly recognize the policy’s infringement on the American way of life and individual freedoms and ability to erode American sovereignty

    Speaking truth to lunacy: When HJR 654 comes to the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates there are only two reasons to vote for this resolution: One has to be either crazy enough to believe this conspiratorial lunacy or so fearful of the loonies promoting it that one bows to their pressure.  

    • kindler


      I do like the part where they complain about sustainable development being “covertly introduced in states and local communities across the nation”.  Yeah, kind of like the ending of Zero Dark Thirty, except that instead of Navy Seals armed with infrared imaging devices and machine guns, it’s a bunch of skinny environmentalists in blue jeans dropping out of helicopters and brutally imposing recycling ordinances on startled city administrators.  

      Happening right under your noses — wake up and grab your muskets, citizens!

    • JimWebster

      It’s a core principle for the wingnuts. The muskets are already in hand in Tidewater:


    • hereinva

      Apparently A21 has infiltrated corporate America!!!

      This from the Governance and Accountability Institute:


      Number of Companies in S&P 500® and Fortune 500® Reporting on Sustainability More Than Doubles From Previous Year, According to New Analysis by Governance & Accountability Institute

    • totallynext

      If this crap is not on every piece of campaign literature commonwealth wide then I am throwing in the towel

    • wolfrunner

      HJ654 has been sent to the Senate Rules committee where it will die.