Guns, Germs, and President Obama


    It looks like communists (or socialists, whichever) are once again taking up arms to defend their cause. Witness Exhibit A, the not-so-recently taken picture of President Obama using a shotgun at Camp David on August 4, 2012. Before the picture surfaced, Republican and Tea  Partiers seemed to believe that President Obama was so anti-gun that he would never even shoot one. Who needs a shotgun, after all, when you have the United Nations to subvert the Bill of Rights in the U.S.?

    But that trickster, President Obama, must have something else up his sleeve, right? Indeed, it didn’t take long for the smokescreen thesis to arise within fruit-cup conservative circles. That is, President Obama’s picture campaign is nothing but a diabolical attempt to fool the American people in to believing that he is a “moderate” on gun safety. How diabolical, indeed!

    Look, we already know that there are a lot of nutty people in this country who believe extremely distorting things about President Obama, to say the least. One of my favorites is the belief that President Obama will run and win a third term to the presidency. Thus, somehow President Obama will overturn the 22nd Amendment with a bitterly opposed Republican House to then win another presidential election in a country that is hostile to the mere thought of a president running for a third term. Of course, these are only two of the many barriers that could be named. Brilliant!

    But the most interesting assumption that has arisen out of the skeet-shooting photo ‘controversy’ is the assumption that individuals in favor of gun control are ‘anti-gun’. Not true. Those in favor of gun control are pro-commonsense.

    Guns DO kill people; How we ever got to the point where anyone can claim that guns don’t kill people attests to the almost Twilight Zone-ish era of political b/s we are living in these days. It’s true that some anti-gun advocates take away individual responsibility altogether, but the NRA and its supporters imply that high projectile killing objects are not responsible for the death and harm of other living organisms. Is a clogged artery also not responsible for a heart attack? Same reasoning!

    I have a gun and I like guns. I’m around a lot of individuals who own guns and LOVE guns. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the merit (nay, the necessity!) in attempting to control the flow of guns and ammunition in this country. The media won’t report it and relatively few Americans will ever witness it, but America is a war zone if we look at the number of gun related deaths.

    Gun control is a discussion we need to continue having and a policy we need to enact. If we put a gun-related death counter next to a counter of U.S. military causalities in Iraq and Afghanistan, I wonder how many Americans would reconsider seriously discussing gun control?

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