Videos: Virginia Democrats Read Passages from Ken Kookinelli’s Crazy New Book


    The following video is from a press conference held a few minutes ago in the Virginia Capitol, with Democratic legislators reading some of the craziest passages from Ken Kookinelli’s new book, “The Last Line of Defense.” I’ve only read the portions that are available on, etc., plus what’s been reported in the newspapers, but let’s just put it this way: it confirms everything we ever thought about this extremist nutjob. Anyway, enjoy the videos (several more on the “flip”)!

    • NotJohnSMosby

      that they bought a copy.  

      I don’t think I’ll buy a copy.  I went crazy at Target last week and bought 4 of the giant 24-packs of triple-roll Charmin, so I’m all stocked up on toilet paper for about a year.  So, no need for Cooch’s manifesto.

    • shrill, over the top, paranoid, wildly exaggerating (or must making stuff up/pulling it out of his hindquarters), delusional, and egregiously misinformed (and/or blatantly lying). And that’s just for starters…I could come up with many more negative adjectives to describe this loon’s warped mindset. Somewhere in this hodgepodge of hysteria there MUST be a kernel of truth, but if it’s there, I sure can’t find it. Anyone else?

    • Pat Robertson, psychologically projecting again about his anger issues…

    • …including Del. Scott Surovell, who wasn’t in the other videos for some reason.