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Marist/NBC Poll Contradicts Washington Post Poll: McAuliffe 43%-Cuccinelli 41%


Polls, polls, polls. Honestly, at this point, they’re all meaningless to a large extent. But for what it’s worth, here’s a brand new one by Marist/NBC News that completely contradicts the outlier Washington Post poll from the other day, and is in line with most every other poll that’s been taken of the Virginia governor’s race this year.

Six months out, the Virginia Governor’s race remains razor tight, according to a new NBC News/Marist poll released Wednesday morning exclusively on The Daily Rundown.

Among all registered voters, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has a slim lead within the margin of error over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, 43% to 41%, in the most competitive race of 2013.

The poll has both good and bad omens for each candidate. When looking at just likely voters, Cuccinelli takes the lead, 45% to 42%.

By the way, at this point in the race, I think it’s a bit early to be going to likely voter screens. Also, from what we saw in 2012, pollsters simply aren’t very good at determining who a likely voter might be (e.g., Gallup’s likely voter screen was an unmitigated debacle), certainly not this far out from election day. That’s why I’d focus much more on registered voters at this point. And on that basis, it looks like this poll confirms what most others have shown to date: a neck-and-neck race between Terry and Cuckoo, with very few voters really having tuned in as of yet…

  • From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

    Richmond, VA – This morning during a radio interview on WMAL Ken Cuccinelli was forced yet again to try and explain the ongoing scandal over his relationship with Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams.

    Of particular note was Cuccinelli’s defense of his failures to comply with Virginia law and disclose thousands of dollars in gifts from Williams and Star Scientific, including paid-vacations and airfare. Despite the statewide condemnation of his “amnesia” about gifts given to him by a CEO with business in front of his office, Cuccinelli said:

    “That was my mistake but there was nothing unusual about it.”

    Ken Cuccinelli may want Virginians to believe that his failure to follow Virginia law and disclose the gifts that Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific gave him while they had business before the state is “nothing unusual,” but Virginians aren’t buying it.

    They aren’t buying that there is “nothing unusual” about forgetting a free $1,500 Thanksgiving Dinner, a free $3,000 Lake House vacation and a free flight to New York, all courtesy of Jonnie Williams.

    Virginians aren’t buying that there’s “nothing unusual” about Cuccinelli failing to disclose the substantial stock he held in Star Scientific just as he began representing Virginians in a lawsuit against the company over unpaid taxes.

    And they’re not buying that it’s “nothing unusual” for him to recuse himself from two separate cases involving Star Scientific after the public became aware that his cozy relationship with Williams created a massive conflict of interest.

    Virginians deserve a Governor who holds himself to a higher standard of transparency and accountability, not one who submerges himself in a conflict of interest scandal and then tries to convince voters that it’s “nothing unusual.”  

  • Jim B

    Looking at the results of SC yesterday republicans will vote for a republican no matter what they have been up to. If democrats don’t show up on election day we will have another crazy repug running the state.

  • churchlanddem

    Still wouldn’ t mind seeing a Dem in the race that was more likeable to voters