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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, May 29. Also, check out President Obama delivering remarks an the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration at the White House yesterday.

*Economy starts to look surprisingly robust in this year of austerity (“The strengthening housing and financial markets prove to be more powerful than acts of Congress.”)

*Home Prices Rise, Putting Country in Buying Mood

*Today’s GOP is fundamentally unserious about governing (But they’ve VERY serious about ginning up phony “scandals” to hopefully – they pray – bring down the Evil Socialist Kenyan in the White House. Ugh.)

*Rep. Bachmann won’t run in 2014 (Too bad, it would have been fun beating her!)

*McDonnell to speed rights process for nonviolent felons (“The sweeping administrative action – while not an instantaneous blanket restoration – is as far as the governor can go within current Virginia law, administration officials said.”)

*Taking heed  of GOP elders (“Retired Sens. John Warner and Bob Dole are advising their party to do some soul-searching.”)

*A better process for restoring felons’ rights (“Cuccinelli’s advisory committee suggests improvements, but a constitutional  amendment is needed”)

*Disenfranchised ex-cons a stain on Virginia’s democracy (“The essential problem is a provision in the state’s constitution, reaffirmed by racist lawmakers more than a century ago, that deprives felons of the vote unless their rights are individually restored by the governor. Only three other states are so punitive; in the vast majority of states, voting rights are restored automatically once offenders have paid their debt to society.”)

*Schapiro: Little things could decide little-noticed primary (“On a Tuesday in early June, anything can happen. Sometimes, it’s because of a little thing.”)

*Ahead of June primary, Democrat LG candidates release TV ads

*Cuccinelli has change of heart on felons’ voting rights (Doubtful that he had a “change of heart.” More like election year political pandering.)

*Virginia governor’s race turns harsh with McAuliffe’s soft campaign ad (All I know is that I can’t make any sense of this headline!)

*McDonnell: Cuccinelli not responsible for Jackson remarks (Two points: 1) Cooch is responsible for his OWN remarks, which are just as crazy in many cases as Jackson’s; and 2) now that they’re on the same ticket, I’d argue that Cooch is going to have a tough time separating himself, even if he wants to…)

*Ken Cuccinelli suggested Planned Parenthood is racist (A perfect example of how Cuccinelli is a certifiable, bizarre conspiracy theorist freakazoid.)

*McDonnell calls LG candidate Jackson ‘passionate’ about anti-abortion stance (OK, Bob McDonnell has completely lost it.)

*E.W. Jackson’s First Battle: Fighting AIDS Prevention Efforts (“The controversial Virginia lieutenant governor candidate got his start blocking condom distribution and picketing strip clubs.”)

*E.W. Jackson All Wrong for Virginia GOP (“Any conservative, who thinks E.W. Jackson winning Virginia’s 2013 Republican Lieutenant Governor nomination is a good thing, needs to have his or her head examined.” Bingo by the right-wing Townhall.com!)

*No rush on offshore drilling in Virginia

*McAuliffe’s Offshore Drilling Flip-Flop

*24 Virginia schools apply for third-grade testing waivers

*Finally, justice for bank crimes

*Cranking up the heat and the humidity

*Karns, Nationals ride LaRoche’s wave


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