It’s the Sodomy, Stupid!


    Just when you thought Ken Cuccinelli was down for the count, he finds an opening — so to speak.  As the Washington Post puts it in their headline, “Cuccinelli looks to go on offense against McAuliffe over Virginia anti-sodomy law.”

    Game over!  Why didn’t we see this one coming?  This November 5th will be the Sodomy Election.  

    Yes, Cuccinelli has outfoxed us again.  He knows that Virginians are tired of government screwing them over, when what we really want is for government to regulate how we screw each other.  Yes, we want government off our backs — so it can jump right into our beds!

    Our Ayatollah General knows these things.  He knows we understand that the state slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers”, comes with a huge asterisk attached: for certain types of lovers practicing certain state-approved acts of love.

    I now understand the brilliance of his economic development strategy.  Think of all the jobs that will be created for Community Sodomy Monitors — and all those binoculars purchases!

    Almost 250 years ago, great Virginians like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington led a revolution so that none of us would ever had to bend down before a monarch again.  Today’s freedom fighter, Ken Cuccinelli, leads the battle to ensure that no Virginians will ever have to bend over before anybody again.

    Ken Cuccinelli knows that sodomy is what matters most, and so he is focused on the issue to the point of morbid obsession.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • 1. “In 2004, when Cuccinelli served in the state Senate, he voted against a measure that would have altered the sodomy law to no longer cover private consensual acts among adults.”

      2. “Terry believes our laws should be updated to both conform with court rulings and allow prosecution of predators”

    • …maybe that’s the best issue he can think of to focus on? Heh. For instance, see the following from the DPVA:

      Should Have Seen This Coming: Cuccinelli’s Votes Give Virginians Preview of His Ethics Approach

      As questions continue to swirl about Ken Cuccinell’s ongoing ethics scandals with Star Scientific and the gas royalties case in Southwest Virginia, it’s worth remembering that Cuccinelli gave Virginians a preview of the ethics approach he would bring to office way back in his State Senate days.

      As a legislator, Cuccinelli built a reputation for being the lone member of the State Senate to vote against legislation aimed at fighting corruption and making Virginia government more transparent and accountable.

      In 2004, he was the only “No” vote twice against a law classifying embezzlement by a public official as a felony.

      And in 2009, he was also the only Senator to vote against legislation that would have required certain public officials to disclose conflicts of interest.

      “Two damaging ethics scandals should come as no surprise from a former State Senator who voted multiple times against legislation to hold Virginia’s elected officials accountable,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “Ken Cuccinelli’s votes and are a clear window into his potential to become embroiled in future scandals, much like the two he’s currently mired in, where he has put his own financial interests and campaign donors ahead of what’s best for Virginia.

      “Unfortunately, Ken Cuccinelli’s ethics approach will only lead to more scandals and more damage to the Commonwealth’s reputation for clean and open government that puts Virginians first.”


      Cuccinelli Was The Only State Senator-Twice-To Vote Two Times Against Classifying Embezzlement by Public Official A Felony

      In January 2004, State Senator W. Roscoe Reynolds (D – 20) introduced Senate Bill 192 as summarized, “Embezzlement by public official; penalty. Provides that it is a Class 4 felony for a public official or employee to knowingly misuse, misappropriate or unlawfully dispose of any public funds, and provides one year of incarceration in a state correctional facility with no suspension of sentence for each $50,000 misused, misappropriated or disposed of unlawfully.”[Virginia State Legislative Information System, SB 192, 2/9/04]

      Cuccinelli voted against SB 192 in Senate.  Bill passed Senate by 37-Y, 1-N.  [Virginia State Legislative Information System, SB 192, 2/9/04]

      No Minimum Prison Sentence Existed Previously

      At the time of this vote it was “a Class 4 felony for any officer, agent or employee of the Commonwealth or any subdivision thereof, or a deputy of any such officer, to knowingly misuse or misappropriate or unlawfully dispose of any public funds or other funds coming into his custody under his official capacity,” though no mandatory minimum existed for the crime. [Senate Bill 192 Fiscal Impact Statement, 2004]

      Cuccinelli Lone Vote Against Bill to Require Certain Public Officials to Disclose Conflicts of Interest

      In 2009, Cuccinelli was the lone vote against a bill that required certain public officials to disclose conflicts of interest. [SB1551, 2009]

    • totallynext

      Which you can interpret anyway you like…I.e. perhaps there’s a rest stop visit in his future!

    • fuzed

      per think progress article, his proposed law covers any oral sex.  

      No more blowjobs.  Never.

      argh the humanity!

      brought to you by climate change emails.

    • Harkov311

      There are already laws against child molestation, and every sane person knows that laws prohibiting conduct between consenting adults have nothing to do with this.  Perhaps rather than waste the commonwealth’s time and money on defending this antediluvian law the attorney general might try enforcing the laws against child abuse better.